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The Amazing Conservator

Have you ever been excited to start a conservation project, but were derailed by last minute exhibition checklists? Meet Jane, a busy conservator who has an exciting project ahead of her. But when an unexpected office-avalanche comes her way, will her conservation super powers be enough to save the day? Find out in this issue [...]

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Unstable Materials and Conservation: The Art of Preserving Decomposing Objects

With the introduction of unstable materials into the construction of contemporary art, conservators face a completely new set of challenges. How does one protect and stabilize an object that, by nature, is meant to decompose? The job is comprised of three actions: prevention, conservation, and restoration, “Contemporary art is often so vulnerable that you cannot [...]

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Join More than 600 Conservation Professionals at the IIC 2016 Los Angeles Congress

IIC 2016 Los Angeles Congress Los Angeles, CA | September 12-16, 2016 The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC), in collaboration with the International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (INCCA), is hosting their biennial congress from September 12 to 16 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, California. [...]

TMS Conservation Studio Now Available

Gallery Systems is pleased to announce the release of TMS Conservation Studio, a web-based tool that supports conservators by providing a workspace where all conservation object and project information is consolidated, linked, streamlined and managed. “Conservation Studio is the culmination of six years of work and collaboration with conservators from around the world,” explains Jay [...]

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Bank of America Art Conservation Project Grant

The Bank of America Art Conservation Project recently released information on the objects that had received conservation treatment in the last year as part of their annual grant project. Thirteen museums in seven countries received grants, including Gallery Systems clients Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Brooklyn Museum, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and Virginia [...]

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How 3D Scanning Can Lessen the Impact of Object Handling

Conservation work isn’t only about repairing damage, but preventing that damage from happening. That is the motivation behind the innovative 3D scanning work being done at The Smithsonian Institute’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Here, work to protect objects at their most vulnerable—en route to an exhibition or loan—is simplified by 3D scanning. By first [...]

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Better Object Preservation: 4 Ways a Collection Management Solution Can Help

It’s the challenge of everyone who works with collections: how to preserve objects while at the same time increasing their accessibility? The imperative of accessibility is too powerful to ignore. Surrounding yourself with the right tools and technologies can be the answer. One of the most powerful tools for object preservation is an integrated Collections [...]

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TMS Conservation Studio

We're excited about the upcoming release of our newest software product, Conservation Studio, an easy-to-navigate web-based tool designed to support conservation work. Developed in collaboration with conservators from around the world, Conservation Studio streamlines and organizes conservation processes in one central, secure place. Conservators can manage media, conservation reports, research, publications, notes, and other collection data, easily and effectively. [...]

Effectively Managing Conservation Processes

This short video follows a day in the life of Jane, a busy conservator who must manage treatment and object preparation for an upcoming exhibition. Learn how Jane manages the exhibition checklist, determines shipping and display requirements, and records conservation treatments. Jane uses a powerful conservation information system to work efficiently and streamline her workflow to [...]

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