IT and Web

Benefit from our experience when gathering and creating your software requirements.

Gallery Systems can offer technical consulting at all levels of your organisation, from configuring SQL Server for TMS right up to advising on long-term IT strategy.  If you're faced with a technical challenge, please talk to us first and we will evaluate how we can help you. 

Gallery Systems has successfully completed hundreds of data migrations from a range of legacy systems.  The conversion process is an iterative one and assures the highest level of accuracy.


TMS and eMuseum are highly configurable - either configure yourselves or Gallery Systems can do the work for you.

Should you have a specific need not curently supported by TMS, Gallery Systems can create custom code and plug-ins to support your procedures.

As well as offering our web-publishing toolkit, eMuseum, you can also commission Gallery Systems to design your website.  Benefit from our museum experience and technical expertise.

Reduce your IT burden and let Gallery Systems host TMS and eMuseum for you.  Users still access TMS via a desktop icon, but that icon would create a connection to a hosted instance of the application, running on a well-maintained and professionally managed server.