The imai Foundation

Cataloguing Time Based Media The City of Düsseldorf established the inter media art institute (imai Foundation) in 2006 as an archive to care for an acquired video collection. The archive contains around 3,000 works of Time Based Media art, and provides context to the history of Time Based Media from the 1970s through today. As the collection expands to [...]

Implementing a Digital Strategy Integration with an Already Existing Strategy

Museums are embracing the digital age, and are developing digital strategy integrations to meet audience members where they already are. From Facebook, to online galleries, to Medium posts and everything in between, museums are putting their content online and in front of audiences so they can engage on a deeper level. As users are engaging with these digital spaces more often, it [...]

Creating a Digital Strategy for Your Institution

As museums move further into the age of digital, museum visitors have a stronger expectation to engage with institutions and their collections through digital portals. Museum Professionals are developing and strengthening their outreach through experimentation, and recording their findings in their digital strategies. Creating a strong digital strategy for museums helps ensure that collection access and visitor experience continue to [...]

TMS Core Training in the Big Apple

Continuing professional development and training on your Collections Management System helps your collections team to expand their abilities and improve your workflows. Keeping up with the changing standards of the field and new functionality available in TMS , helps your institution better prepare to handle increasing workloads without compromising collections care. Gallery Systems offers training and professional development across various levels [...]


Manage Your Collection More Efficiently With a New Web-Based CMS

Your collections team has a big job to do, and wants to stay focused on collections care. But sometimes, extra tasks can get in the way of your goals. If your team is looking to manage your collection more efficiently while simplifying workflows, there’s a better way. Watch this video to learn about an efficient new solution to care [...]


Best Practices For Collections Documentation and Object Cataloguing

Tracking object details is an essential part of collections care. Adhering to a strong set of collections information and cataloguing standards through institutional collections management policies can help preserve the history of your collection for the future, and make your department’s day-to-day activities more efficient—from preparing exhibition lists, to managing conservation tasks. Terms of the Trade Collections documentation Permanent records [...]

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