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The National Gallery, London

Collection Information Manager, Curatorial Department

The National Gallery is currently recruiting for a Collection Information Manager within the National Gallery’s Curatorial team.  The post holder will take charge of and manage the Gallery’s collection information, for both internal and external audiences, and play a leading role in the development of digital documentation at the Gallery. The Collection Information Manager will be a crucial stakeholder in the delivery of our digital services and will champion good management of collection information at all levels of the National Gallery.

The deadline of October 9th, 2015 is fast approaching.

More details can be found here:


The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Chief Registrar and Director of Collections Management

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco are seeking a Chief Registrar and Director of Collections Management. The Chief Registrar and Director of Collections Management is responsible for the enforcement of policies and practices, including ones pertaining to the acquisition, management, and disposition of art collections as well as those related to automated systems. Establishes and maintains detailed records of permanent and temporary exhibitions, loans, packing and shipping information, items in storage, customs information, and insurance details. Acknowledges gifts, loans, and potential acquisitions. Performs routine inventory. Oversees technical staff on special projects, and performs related duties as required. The Chief Registrar and Director of Collections Management is expected to perform the more difficult and complex registration and collections management functions and give direction to junior staff and technical personnel.

Learn more about the position here:


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About the Author:

Illyana Saunderson

Illyana Saunderson has been with Gallery Systems for over 10 years; as Marketing Communications Specialist she organizes Collective Imagination, Gallery Systems’ Users Conference, and contributes to various web and communication projects. When she’s not working on case studies, designing ads, or reviewing metrics, you can find her photographing her latest kitchen creations for her blog, crafting, or prancing around a dance studio.


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