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Be Rich in Media

Tools for the Efficient Digital Asset Manager

You spend your time overseeing the digital assets your institution relies on. From managing rights and reproductions to instituting your museum’s metadata standards, your job comes with many puzzle pieces to fit together. You need a system that keeps your media secure and manageable in one central location. Our tools will keep your assets organized, and ensure they are used appropriately while allowing your team members to access what they need, when they need it. You can customize rights management, copyright clearance, media and photography workflows across all departments, and serve multiple users—from conservators, to marketing, to collections management. The TMS Suite, including eMuseum and TMS Media Studio, provides complete digital asset management functionality and can be implemented quickly and affordably.

Resources for Digital Asset Managers

Implementing a Digital Strategy Integration with an Already Existing Strategy

Museums are embracing the digital age, and are developing digital strategy integrations to meet audience members where they already are. From Facebook, to online galleries, to Medium posts and everything in between, museums are putting their content [...]

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What Our Clients Say

“Media Studio was TMS! There is no need for a complicated separate integration protocol because all of the data entered into Media Studio is entered directly into TMS. This fulfills the spirit of our IMLS grant, and frees us from ongoing integration maintenance,”

Marty Stein, Photographic and Imaging Services Manager, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

“In my opinion the Gallery Systems products are the best possible tool that a museum can use—in all departments from research to registration, curatorial to conservation, and more.”

Virginia-Lee Webb Ph.D., VL.Webb Consultants, Arts of Africa and Oceania, LLC

“We didn’t need to research if we could implement IIIF, or how to do it. We simply asked Gallery Systems to deploy the latest eMuseum upgrade. They did, and we gained an important new feature: IIIF functionality.”

Haidar Hadi, Digital Database Developer, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

“The DAMS software vendor changed the database and search structure in our DAMS,” reveals Marty, “It meant that if we upgraded, the integration would break, and we would lose our workflows and break the spirit of our grant. We had to decide: either keep what we had, never update our DAMS, and hope it wouldn’t crash, or we could pick a new DAMS software.”

Marty Stein, Photographic and Imaging Services Manager, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

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