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The Best Resources for Registrars Promote Data Accuracy, Accessibility, and Productivity.

As the hero of the collection, the registrar has mastered the art of multitasking, juggling between tracking thousands of objects, a diverse team of staff, contractors, vendors, art handlers, and other registrars to collaborate with. We can give you the tools to hone your processes, helping you keep your information accurate and accessible to all the key members of your team. With collections management solutions you can take control over the details of your collection, including shipping and indemnity, accessioning, exhibition checklists, and more. Mitigate risk with the help of custom reports, standards-based templates, and in-depth digital asset management.

Efficiently Managing Exhibitions

This short video follows Anne, a busy registrar who is managing several exhibitions. See how Anne uses her Collections Management System to work more efficiently, communicate instantly with colleagues, and better preserve the objects in her care. Exhibition, storage, insurance, and shipping records are now at her fingertips, and everyone involved in the exhibition has access to the latest information.

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Resources for Registrars

Gallery Systems Unveils TMS Collections 2020, the Most Powerful Release of its Online Collections Management Software

NEW YORK CITY, March 12, 2020 – Launching Collections Management into the New Decade
Gallery Systems is proud to announce the release of TMS Collections 2020, its scalable, user-friendly, and powerful web-based collections management software designed to help museums streamline processes. TMS Collections is [...]

What Our Clients Say

“Working with Gallery Systems has been amazing. They’ve been helping us configure functionality and processes. Everyone has been so responsive.”

Natalie Lawler, Assistant Collections Registrar and Preparator, Chapman University Art Collections
“Increasing accessibility to the collection, while at the same time reducing handling and light exposure of the objects, couldn’t have been achieved without these new technologies and our partnership with Gallery Systems.”
Rachel Tassone, Associate Registrar, Williams College Museum of Art
“TMS has benefited our institution by allowing us to add, track, and report on collection information in ways that were impossible with our previous database. As we become comfortable with various features, we continually find ways of using others that allow us to improve both the quantity and quality of our data.”
Jennifer Day , Registrar, Indian Arts Research Center
“The exchange of data has really improved how we work back and forth to manage the collection.”
Carole Campbell, Former Registrar for Collections Management, J. Paul Getty Museum

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