New Grant Guides for Cultural Institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, and Latin America

Gallery Systems is pleased to present our 2022 museum grant guides, fully updated and ready for download to help your museum plan for a brighter future. 

We have produced five grant guides: United States, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom, Spain and Latin America, and an international guide for museum conservation. Each guide includes a wide selection of funding opportunities, from government-issued grants to private funding and yearly awards. 

Utilize our museum grant guides to help secure external funding that will allow your institution to delve into new projects, such as digitizing your workflows, publishing your collections online, supporting professional development, and more.

Museum Grants for the U.S.

Start 2022 on the right foot by securing additional funding for your museum. Our U.S. museum grant guide includes nation-wide funding opportunities for museums and cultural institutions of all shapes and sizes, as well as several special programs that support the preservation of Native American arts, culture, and heritage.

Museum Grants for Canada

Access Canadian funding with the help of our selected nationwide and provincial grants. Administered by government branches, arts councils, and private institutions, these funding opportunities provide diversified assistance for museums. This grant guide also includes funding programs that support the preservation of Indigenous communities’ and minority language communities’ arts, culture, and heritage projects.

Museum Grants for Europe and the UK

If your museum is located in Europe or the United Kingdom, take a look at our Europe and UK museum grant guide. Through continent-wide and country-specific grants, this grant guide provides opportunities to enhance collections management, expand conservation initiatives, and showcase objects within your institution and throughout Europe.

Museum Grants for Spain and Latin America

Secure funding for your museum with our updated Spain and Latin America museum grant guide (en español). Several international funding bodies have begun extending their reach to Latin America, while government and private agencies also provide annual sums to these nations and Spain, respectively. Explore this guide to find out more.

Museum Grants for Conservation and Conservators

If your goals are specifically tied to conservation, discover our international conservation grant guide that will help ensure the preservation of your collection objects. We’ve pulled together international grant programs that are providing funding to institutions interested in furthering conservation of artwork and heritage objects through conservation documentation software, the support of professional development for conservators, and more.