EmbARK Collections Management Software Helps You Better Manage Your Collection

EmbARK is affordable collections management software ideal for smaller institutions or collections. All your collection information is stored in one convenient place, while ease of export allows for easy collaboration with other professionals.

Collections management software designed to fit your cultural institution.

Join a user community of hundreds that have benefited from the easy data maintenance, access and sharing made possible by EmbARK. Backed by a company with over 30 years of experience in the digitized collection industry, EmbARK handles all your collections management activities. EmbARK integrates with Web Kiosk, a web-based tool that allows you to share catalogued information online.

EmbARK Benefits

Comprehensive Collections Management

EmbARK features a wide variety of tools to streamline cataloging, from customizable Object views for data entry, to Replace options for global changes and powerful import functionality. Consolidate acquisition and donor data, and concurrently catalogue content and images.The integrated thesaurus, with keyword hierarchy, allows you to attach descriptive terms in the collection. Manage the entire life cycle of an exhibition with the integrated Exhibition, Loans, Shipping, and Crates modules.

Easy Searching

Quickly search extensive details about the activity and history of an object by choosing from a wide range of options: from a single accession number, to complex cross-table, multiple criteria queries. Conservation, Valuation, Bibliography, Provenance, Location History, and more, can be included in searches and reports with EmbARK’s multiple searching interfaces.

Scalable, Cross Platform Collaboration

Work and collaborate easily with colleagues and other professionals. While EmbARK’s single-user version can be installed right on your own Macintosh or Windows computer, the multi-user version allows simultaneous connections from either Mac or Windows workstations via a network. Your work group will have access to the same collections content and multimedia files.

Enhanced Configurability

EmbARK can be configured to fit your institution and the way you work. Rename any field, match the pull-down menus to fit local terminology, and modify layouts and views. Individual users can create personal sets of list views, object portfolios, custom data entry screens, saved searches and sort orders.

Multimedia Ready

With EmbARK’s built-in digital asset management functionality, you can manage and display images, media, documents and text, and seamlessly integrate images into your reports. Move, copy or rename images linked to records, or open images in an editing program such as Photoshop.

Secure Access

The protection of your data is our top priority. Your data belongs to you and is only accessible by you and your staff. Specific access to information and functionality in the database is determined by designated user groups—which allow you to protect sensitive information down to the field level. You can also set individual profiles to enhance security.

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Our Clients

What Our Clients Say

“Wow! Today I used EmbARK to search for photos for a patron. It’s so easy and so nice to be able to print out the photos with all the data. Already my life is easier!
- Charlene Duval, Executive Secretary, Sourisseau Academy for State and Local History, San Jose State University
“Its flexibility and ease of use make EmbARK the perfect collections management tool for us.”
- Marianne Weldon, Collections Manager, Bryn Mawr College