Natural History Collections

Organize natural history collections of any size with TMS Collections

Natural History Collections

Comprising thousands—or even millions—of unique specimens, natural history collections are immense and require an agile collections management system that’s capable of containing and organizing them. Track your sizeable collection with our highly scalable, web-based software and enhance the preservation, management, and sharing of your natural history objects.

Features to manage your natural history collections

Geolocation map

Geolocation Map | Natural History Collections | Gallery Systems

Track the geographic location and provenance of any specimen directly in the Objects module.

Taxonomy data view

Taxonomy Data View | Natural History Collections | Gallery Systems

Enrich the data on your institution’s object records using the taxonomy hierarchy tool.

Media management

Media Management | Natural History Collections | Gallery Systems

Enhance cataloguing by linking unlimited high-resolution photos and other media to each collection specimen.

Detailed records

Detailed Records | Natural History Collections | Gallery Systems

Input everything from a specimen’s dimensions to its origin story using flexible, fully customizable object records.

We believe that Gallery Systems provides the knowledge and support needed to best help us showcase our collection.  double right quotes

Mark Engstrom, Senior Curator and Deputy Director of Collections & Research
Royal Ontario Museum

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