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Museum conservation documentation software to streamline your workflows

Consolidated Data with TMS Conservation Studio

Developed for museum conservators by conservators, TMS Conservation Studio is an easy-to-understand museum conservation documentation software that consolidates and supports every aspect of day-to-day activities. Access, gather, and update conservation data and documentation with ease.

Why choose TMS Conservation Studio for your institution?

Designed to match how museum conservators work

Explore TMS Conservation Studio, our museum conservation software developed in collaboration with conservators from around the globe. Streamline and organize your conservation workflow in one place, while effectively managing your reports, surveys, media files, research notes, publications, and other conservation data.

Conservation documentation on the go

Watch how a busy museum conservator uses Conservation Studio on her tablet to quickly photograph, annotate, and complete a report on a damaged object. Once submitted, her report is available to her team members, allowing for immediate and effortless collaboration.

About TMS Conservation Studio

Take an in-depth look at TMS Conservation Studio. This downloadable guide discusses our software’s modules, features, and integration with the TMS Collections Suite.

Take an in-depth look at Conservation Studio. This downloadable guide discusses our software’s modules, features, and integration with the TMS Suite

double left quotesGallery Systems showed us Conservation Studio and it seemed like it would build on the workflows we already used in TMS—and give us many improvements too! The link between TMS and Conservation Studio was important because we didn’t want to have to go into a separate system to access object data.double right quotes

Julia Day, Conservator, The Frick Collection

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Case study: The Frick Collection

Discover how TMS Conservation Studio is benefiting one of New York’s most distinguished and well-known galleries, The Frick Collection. By adopting our user-friendly museum conservation software, the gallery’s conservators were able to simplify and speed up their department workflow, from everyday reports to collection-wide surveys.

TMS Conservation Studio FAQ

Is TMS Conversation Studio difficult to use or learn?

Conservation Studio is not difficult to learn. It was designed with the help of professional conservators to be a museum conservation software that is intuitive to use and learn, and feature time-saving tools and a user-friendly interface.

Gallery Systems also provides on-site training as needed to assist in the learning process.

How quickly does TMS Conservation Studio data sync with TMS Collections?

All changes made in Conservation Studio sync immediately with your TMS Collections database, allowing for effortless collaboration between conservators and different museum departments.

Your data is maintained within a single, shared database to ensure consistent documentation and standards.

Through granular security settings, conservators can work privately on their reports and projects, while making available to their colleagues only the documentation they are ready to share.

Which TMS Collections modules does TMS Conservation Studio integrate with?

Conservation Studio integrates with the Bibliography, Constituents, Exhibitions & Loans, and Media modules in TMS and TMS Collections.

To learn more, we invite you to reference our brief downloadable guide.

Is a specific model of iPad or Android tablet required to use TMS Conservation Studio?

You can operate Conservation Studio on your preferred tablet, provided the device is connected to a secure Wi-Fi network.

Our web-based museum conservation software is also fully accessible on both Apple and Windows desktop computers.

How does TMS Conservation Studio support image annotation?

Conservation Studio offers in-app tools for image annotation, allowing the user to virtually mark up the damaged object and write condition notes directly on the image. When object photographs are taken with a tablet, they can also be uploaded to the object record.

What is the best museum conservation software?

The best museum conservation software is one that can seamlessly integrate with your collections management systems and software.

Gallery Systems created TMS Conservation Studio as part of an ecosystem of museum software which addresses all the needs that collections institutions have.

TMS Suite includes the core collections management software of TMS Collections and integrates that functionality with applications to support web publishing, digital asset management, conservation, and collections auditing.

Can I create conservation reports with your software?

Conservation Studio allows you to create conservation reports with tailored templates, such as condition and treatment reports, treatment proposals, surveys, and others pertaining to your conservation area.

When a report is completed, its data is indexed by the software and made searchable for later reference.

Will conservation documentation software help our museum streamline workflows?

If your museum has an in-house conservation department, it does need and will benefit greatly from the use of museum conservation documentation software. Implementing TMS Conservation Studio will help streamline workflows and organize conservation processes in one central, secure place.

Conservators can easily and effectively manage media, conservation reports, research, publications, notes, and other collections data. Our conservation documentation software is fully configurable, including its fields, forms, and screen views, allowing you to create a user experience tailored to your conservation team and their unique workflow. This superior versatility permits the software to meet any museum’s needs with ease.

Is TMS Conservation Studio cloud-based conservation documentation software?

Conservation Studio is part of the web-based TMS Suite of collections care software. It is cloud-based and can be securely hosted by Gallery Systems for you with Managed Hosting at an additional cost.

This service also includes nightly backups, scheduled updates, database health monitoring, and all system administration duties required to ensure the safety and security of your data.

Alternatively, you may instead provide your own IT infrastructure and host the system on your premises.

Can I run your museum conservation software on Windows or Mac computers?

Conservation Studio runs on both Windows and Mac computers. Our conservation documentation software is web-based and can be accessed in a browser, so it is compatible with any operating system. You only need an internet connection to securely access your data from anywhere.

What is the price of TMS Conservation Studio?

Please visit our contact page to connect with one of our Account Managers. They can quickly assess your needs and customize a quote for your organization.

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