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Bring Efficiencies to Every Part of Your Organization with Software for Collections Managers

Software for Collections Managers

Being responsible for overseeing your collections means you need to facilitate collaboration between an astute team of curators, registrars, exhibition managers, and others. Our software for collections managers can simplify your workflow by streamlining data entry, cataloguing, and project timeline management.

Optimizing Collections Management

Follow along as James, a collections manager, works hard to maintain his collection data. Using the TMS Suite, he can quickly send object information to colleagues, view a curator’s checklist for an upcoming exhibition, and generate accurate reports.

It’s the combination of having the objects, photographs, and the paper records available to students and researchers that truly brings value to our collection. Gallery Systems is an essential partner in our museum’s goals.  double right quotes

David Debono Schafer, Senior Collections Manager
The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University

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