Gallery Systems provides collections management software solutions to institutions with collections of any type and size.

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Collect, Preserve, Share and Grow with Confidence

Gallery Systems delivers the robust collections management software foundation you need to perform your many responsibilities efficiently and easily. Expertly manage your collections and share them with your community.

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Creating a Better Backup Plan

We all know the importance of backing up data but there are many things to consider in developing and maintaining an enterprise-level backup plan. Accounting for all data needing backup can be a challenge. Download this eGuide to learn how to make your backup plan as solid as possible.


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Manage Your Collection with Less Effort, Better Results

Let your collection shine with the world’s leading collections management software. TMS delivers the best in flexibility, support and functionality, helping institutions realize their full potential.


800+ Clients Have It; You Can Have It Too

Whether a collection is large or small, one thing remains the same: our clients love our software and support. But don’t take our word for it; here’s what they have to say.

“TMS and eMuseum are the foundation of the management of our collection. With the help of TMS, we can extend our information to the public and internal staff alike.”

- Lenn Nunn, Head of Information Systems, National Gallery, London

“Gallery Systems understood our vision which was for eMuseum to be seamlessly integrated into our website; the result was exactly that.”
- Sophie Meyers, Collections Project Manager, Delaware Art Museum
“Its flexibility and ease of use make EmbARK the perfect collections management tool for us.”
- Marianne Weldon, Collections Manager, Bryn Mawr College
“We chose TMS because it was the most robust, intuitive, and responsive of the collections management systems we researched. It has benefited our institution by allowing us to add, track, and report on collection information in ways that it was impossible to do with our previous database.”
- Jennifer Day, Registrar, Indian Arts Research Center