History Collections

Document every facet of your history collections with TMS Collections

History Collections

Charting the lineage and interconnectivity of each object in your history collection calls for a robust collections management system. Manage your growing inventory with a scalable, web-based software that facilitates the digitization of immense data quantities, ensuring that records include standardized industry classification and rich historical detail.

Features to manage your history collections

Historical items view

Historical Items View | History Collections | Gallery Systems

Catalogue collection objects using an incredible amount of detail with flexible input fields, including historical dates and custom notes.

Language support

Language Support | History Collections | Gallery Systems

Input your history collection’s object data in any modern language using our Unicode-enabled software.

Conservation annotation

Conservation Annotation | History Collections | Gallery Systems

View detailed notes on each object’s conservation status, including annotated images to show damaged areas or completed treatments.

Object components

Object Components | History Collections | Gallery Systems

Facilitate conservation care and internal tracking by cataloguing each historical object by its components.

Using TMS helps us perform better queries in more than 10,000 entries. We constantly improve our workflows and gradually set better work standards—more digital, less paper, and less external files. We digitize our archive materials and have better control over all our data, both digital and physical.  double right quotes

Hamutal Gabayev, Registrar and TMS Administrator, Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem

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