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Expertly Care for Your Objects with a Collections Management System

Collections Management with TMS Collections

Get to know TMS Collections, the world’s leading collections management system for museums and institutions. Our adaptable, web-based system handles every facet of your workflow and seamlessly integrates with conservation documentation, online collections, and digital asset management.

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Discover how TMS Collections delivers industry-leading functionality to museums and cultural institutions, allowing for efficient, user-friendly collections management on a web-based platform.

About TMS Collections

Take an in-depth look at TMS Collections, including its state-of-art features and modules, and our training and hosting services. See what the world’s premier collections management system can do for you.

Take an in-depth look at TMS Collections, including its state-of-art features and modules, the necessary system requirements, and our training and hosting services. See what the world’s premier collections management system can do for you.

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Virginia-Lee Webb, VL.Webb Consultants, Arts of Africa and Oceania LLC

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Selecting collections management software for your institution is an important decision. Get started right with our downloadable buyer’s guide. It’s filled with practical information and strategies for navigating the decision-making process.

Collections Management & TMS Collections FAQ

Is TMS Collections only for museums?2020-07-24T20:17:54-04:00

TMS Collections is used by museums and a full range of cultural institutions, including archives, universities, libraries, and galleries.

Our full suite of solutions also help private and corporate collectors, and artist foundations manage and care for their collections.

What types of collections or collecting disciplines does TMS Collections support?2020-07-01T15:19:51-04:00

TMS Collections supports all types of collections or collecting disciplines.

Notable examples include fine art, natural history, history, anthropology, military, air and space, archives, public art collections, and many more.

What collections management system functionality does TMS Collections provide?2020-07-24T20:20:29-04:00

TMS Collections is a sophisticated, easy-to-use relational database application, designed specifically for collections, content, media, exhibition, and loan management.

Our web-based CMS is comprised of interrelated modules with supporting functionality for entering and tracking all collections data and management activities.

Which modules are included in TMS Collections?2020-07-01T16:23:03-04:00

TMS Collections includes ten unique modules: Objects, Bibliography, Exhibitions, Loans, Shipping, Media, Constituents, Sites, Events, and Insurance.

To learn the roles that each module plays, we suggest reviewing our downloadable TMS Collections guide.

What standards does TMS Collections support?2020-08-04T15:58:31-04:00

TMS Collections is fully standards-compliant and adheres to international standards in the cataloguing, management, and interchange of collections data.

Our supported data standards include CDWA, CDWA-Lite, CCO, CIDOC CRM, LiDO, ISAD(G), DACS, EAD, CCDO, Getty vocabularies (AAT & TGN), Europeana, SPECTRUM (our solutions are certified and Gallery Systems is a partner), CHIN, RAD, Dublin Core Metadata Standards, and VRA Core 4.0. TMS Collections is also compliant with the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) and supports the International Image Interoperability Framework protocol (IIIF).

Is TMS Collections different from TMS?2020-07-08T15:42:17-04:00

The short answer is yes, and no. TMS Collections is the web-based software update to The Museum System (TMS).

Although TMS Collections has a different user interface and offers enhanced flexibility, the underlying database structure is the same as TMS.

Many configurations are identical to the ones found in TMS, and multiple features are also similar.

What is the licensing model for the TMS Collections CMS?2020-07-01T16:21:23-04:00

Licensing is based on the number of concurrent user licenses needed by a museum or cultural institution.

How much configuration and training is required to use TMS Collections?2020-07-08T15:45:17-04:00

Every museum or organization is different. Depending on your collection size and whether you are an existing Gallery Systems client, you may need more or less time for TMS Collections implementation, configuration, and training.

We invite you to contact us to receive a personalized needs assessment.

Can I run your collections management system on Mac or Windows computers?2020-07-24T20:23:13-04:00

TMS Collections runs on both Windows and Mac computers.

Our CMS is a web-based software that is accessed in a browser, it is therefore compatible with any operating system. You only need an internet connection to securely access your data from anywhere.

How much does TMS Collections cost?2020-07-01T15:44:20-04:00

Our collections management system is priced based on your number of concurrent users.

Please visit our contact page to connect with one of our Account Managers. They can quickly assess your needs and customize a quote for your organization.

We already have a collections management system. How do we migrate our data to TMS Collections?2020-07-15T14:26:24-04:00

Gallery Systems provides full data migration services to our clients. We have completed hundreds of successful data migrations from most collections management systems on the market.

Contact us to find out more about our proven migration process.

What does the TMS Suite include?2020-07-15T14:29:24-04:00

The TMS Suite is an ecosystem of products designed to support your collections management needs in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

This interwoven platform includes TMS Collections and additional applications developed to support online collections, digital asset management, and conservation documentation.

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