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Get more from your Gallery Systems software with our collections management consulting services

Collections Management Consulting Services

To help our clients succeed in managing their collections, we offer a wide range of professional services, provided by our team of technical and collections experts. Select from our available offerings and get the most from your world-class collections management software.

Services we offer

Use your Gallery Systems software to its fullest with our collections management consulting services.

Through years of in-depth domain expertise, our consultants can help you build and maintain a system that provides the best functionality and support for your work.

After assessing your needs, we’ll share our best practices for maximizing your CMS usage and provide consultation for the design and development of any special needs you envision.

Further enhance your productivity with configurations that support your staff and workflows.

Gallery Systems can tailor your system to meet unique conditions and requirements via custom security settings and other system configurations, reports, list views, data entry views, and more.

If you don’t have the time or resources on hand for configuration modifications, we have you covered.

Amaze your website visitors by enhancing your online museum collections with eMuseum configuration and customization services.

Our in-house design team offers look and feel customization services to meld your eMuseum site with your existing web design, allowing for a seamless navigation experience.

Looking for that extra wow factor or functionality? Ask about our custom features like interactive maps and custom implementation for mobile apps, or tell us what you need and we will build it.

Your institution is unique. To manage your collection effectively, you depend on reports tailored to your specific procedures.

TMS Collections comes with a library of standard report templates, but sometimes you need something customized to match the way your organization works.

Enlist one of our master report builders to develop custom, time-saving templates that support the needs of your institution, including custom Crystal reports or SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports.

Does your database need a tune-up?

If you have inconsistent, messy data, turn to our team to provide in-depth analysis of your data and a report summarizing both data quality issues and recommendations for action.

Whether transitioning from an old system or appending data into your existing TMS system, our data analysis, mapping, and conversion services provide you with an in-depth understanding of your most valuable assets: your collections related data, as well as options for mapping and a conversion process that improves the quality of your data.

A dedicated data conversion specialist, with years of both domain and data conversion experience, will guide you through the migration process.

Gallery Systems offers comprehensive training for all skill levels, from beginners to administrators and advanced users.

Our trainers combine years of practical museum experience with in-depth knowledge of software, to cover everything from introductory training to report writing.

Join a standardized group class or request a customized learning experience at your location or online. For more details, jump to our current training offerings.

As a supported client, you have access to the newest TMS Suite software versions and service packs.

If you need a helping hand or have difficulty scheduling IT resources, we can upgrade your TMS Suite software for you.

Gallery Systems assisted upgrades keep your software services and functionalities running smoothly.

Let our team manage your IT with managed hosting services. By covering the cost and hassle of hosting equipment for you, we deliver secure access to your data, perform nightly backups, monitor database health, and handle all system administration duties required to keep your data safe.

Through scheduled service pack updates, our team will also keep your system updated with the latest upgrades as soon as they are released.

Accessing your data on-the-go is no problem, we provide remote access to your TMS Collections database, so you can securely log on from anywhere using a web browser. Your data is always yours to alter, export, and take with you.

double left quotesWe have the freedom to work from anywhere [with Gallery Systems Managed Hosting]. You don’t have to come into the museum or connect to TMS Collections via a VPN.double right quotes

Robin Mygatt
Database Manager
Blanton Museum of Art

Get specialized services anytime with SupportPlus

Designed to meet your specific needs, SupportPlus is a premium-level service plan that offers up to 40 hours of any combination of specialized services. Select from custom Crystal Reports, software upgrades, database migrations, exclusive one-on-one online training sessions, and many other services.

Consulting services FAQ

Are collections management consulting services right for my institution?

Adopting new collections management software and workflows is no small feat for any institution. Our collections management consulting services ensure that your institution receives the most benefit from its suite of museum software.

Gallery Systems empowers our clients to perform their roles more efficiently through ongoing training for employees, customized reporting solutions to provide the information you need in a range of formats, consulting services to help you configure your system, as well as data analysis, mapping, and conversion services, to get the most value from your data.

Suitable for all institutions, our consultancy services can help, whether you require additional support due to a lack of internal resources or your museum is simply looking for peace of mind during the implementation of a new system.

Our extensive knowledge of best practices in the museum field makes us the ideal partner to help guide you through large-scale technology changes in your organization.

Why would we need data analysis, mapping and conversion services?

Several scenarios may require your institution to perform data analysis, mapping, and conversion.

For instance, if you need to convert existing data from an outdated collections system or data from another file format, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or FileMaker. Or if you acquire a large collection that needs to be added to your TMS Collections database.

How long does a data conversion project take?

Every data conversion project is unique and can take a few days, weeks, or longer.

To complete this service, the format, complexity, and scope of your data, including the number of data fields to be converted will affect how long the data conversion process will last.

The time required will also depend on your specific workflow requirements, any specific data standard you wish to map to, the consistency of your current data, and the extent to which you wish to standardize/re-structure your data, as part of the process.

What are the advantages of Gallery Systems managed hosting services?

The advantages of Gallery Systems managed hosting services include providing you with a simplified implementation experience by accelerating its speed and ensuring your technical requirements are fully handled.

The technology staff at Gallery Systems will also provision your entire technical environment and relieve your staff of the stress caused by server maintenance, upgrades, and database administration.

As a collections management consulting service, it’s a great option if you don’t have access to dedicated IT staff resources.

When do we receive training? How much training will we need?

New clients typically receive training just before their staff starts to use our suite of collections management software.

Our training provides you with an overview of standard application functionality, configuration, and working with your converted data.

In addition, we can work with you to provide scenario-based training for staff in specific roles, in support of your collection management workflow.

Can we customize our system after the implementation is complete?

All Gallery Systems products include extensive configuration options, allowing you to customize your collections management system to meet your needs.

While many configurations can be easily managed in-house, Gallery Systems also offers additional consulting services for more complex configurations, as requested.

Does Gallery Systems offer on-site or off-site collections management consulting services?

Depending on your needs, our consulting services can be delivered on-site or off-site.

For instance, it is common for training to take place at your location, but data conversions are most often performed as a remote service from a Gallery Systems office.

How much do your collections management consulting services cost?

Consulting services costs vary depending on the services your organization requires.

Please visit our contact page to get in touch with one of our Account Managers. They can assess your unique needs and customize a quote for your museum or institution.

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