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Showcase your museum collections online with eMuseum digital publishing software

Online Collections with eMuseum

eMuseum is a powerful online collections software for museums and collecting institutions that integrates seamlessly with collections management software. Using its fully configurable layouts, you can create dynamic digital exhibitions and publish them to your public-facing website or intranet. Bring your one-of-a-kind collections online to grow, educate, and engage your audience.

Websites built using eMuseum

Get an overview of these eMuseum sites, which are identical in design and navigation to their institution’s main website. See why look and feel customizations provide your visitors with a seamless, uninterrupted experience.

Why choose eMuseum for your online collections?

Publish your collections online

eMuseum acts as the heart of your online collection. Watch how you could easily publish collection data and share context-rich information on objects, exhibitions, and events with this powerful software.

eMuseum for online collections

Learn how eMuseum can quickly bring your collections data online and integrate with your existing website. Our software guide takes a closer look at the included features, services, system requirements, and more.

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double left quotesAs a museum focused on making art accessible to all, it’s always been important to provide content digitally. eMuseum offers a way for audiences all over the world to connect to our amazing collection, which is even more important when many may not be able to visit in person.double right quotes

Jennifer De Martino
Head of Collections Management
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

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eMuseum FAQ

How many eMuseum clients are there?

There are over 260 active eMuseum clients spread across the world. Visit our portfolio section to see how our software is bringing world-class collections to life online.

Why would website visitors enjoy using eMuseum to explore our online museum collections?

eMuseum provides an engaging way for website visitors to explore your online collections.

Enabling access to your eMuseum site on a range of devices, including smartphones and tablets, and offering the ability to browse high-resolution images with deep zooming functions, including images optimized for the IIIF standard, are just two of the ways our online museum collections software allows you to offer an optimal viewing experience.

Users can also search for specific objects with eMuseum’s Google-like search function, and then curate and share their own collections using the My Collections feature.

How is eMuseum integrated with the TMS Suite?

eMuseum is fully integrated with the TMS collections management system and TMS Collections, the web-based version of our flagship CMS.

As a result, any changes you make to your collection data in the TMS Suite are automatically reflected in eMuseum, which reduces data entry and ensures consistency.

Is eMuseum user-friendly?

eMuseum is user-friendly and intuitive; everyone on your team can benefit fully from its easy-to-use online museum collections features.

Gallery Systems also provides training and optional software configurations to ensure eMuseum is tailored to your institution’s specifications.

If you run into a question, you can log in to Gallery Systems Community to browse our Knowledge Article database or use our Ask the Community feature.

For unresolved inquires, creating and submitting a new case in our Cases section lets our team know you need a helping hand and quickly provide support.

What data types does eMuseum support?

Alongside its user-inputted text-based data, eMuseum can host a wide range of data types, including high-quality images, video, audio, slideshows, and PDF documents.

Our software also supports open linked data and IIIF functionality, and it provides optional API services for even more creative data sharing and integration.

Does Gallery Systems provide look and feel customization for online museum collections?

Gallery Systems offers customization services to expertly match the visual appearance and styling of your eMuseum site to your existing website.

This 5-day customization service ensures the creation of a seamless navigation experience from your main site to your online museum collections.

Contact us to learn more about our in-house design team and the services it offers.

Is coding required to configure my eMuseum online collection?

Absolutely no coding is required.

You can configure your eMuseum online collections using our user-friendly controls to manage fonts, colors, and spacing, even for large or complex elements.

Our templates are also compatible with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to ensure endless customization possibilities.

What are eMuseum’s administrative control features?

With eMuseum, you are in total control over the data published to your site, including its display and access.

Non-public data can also be restricted to authorized internal users.

Use the software to create user accounts, manage download rights, schedule automated refresh of your data, and decide exactly how collection records are grouped and displayed.

Are eMuseum websites secure?

eMuseum websites are designed to be secure.

To enhance security, administrators can create password-controlled access levels on their eMuseum website or intranet.

These access levels can be assigned to specific users or grouped roles such as visitors, teachers, interns, curators, registrars, and other museum personnel.

Which key metrics can eMuseum track?

Some of the key metrics eMuseum can track include conventional web metrics, as well as eMuseum analytics to measure collection-specific insights, such as object view counts and the most popular shared pages and images.

How can online collections software help my museum?

Using online museum collections software helps make your collections accessible to more patrons, allows your institution to reach a wider audience, and to keep your members and public engaged.

Digitizing collections to create online digital exhibitions is an objective many museums and collections institutions strive to attain; using the right software is key.

Contact us to find out how we can assist you.

What is the best online museum collections software for museums?

The best online museum collections software for museums and collecting institutions is a solution that can seamlessly integrate with your institution’s collections management system and software.

Gallery Systems created eMuseum as part of an ecosystem of museum software which addresses all the needs collections institutions may have.

The TMS Suite includes the core collections management software of TMS Collections and integrates that functionality with applications to support digital asset management, conservation, barcoding, and collections auditing, in addition to online museum collections.

Can I run eMuseum on Mac or Windows computers?

With eMuseum, it does not matter if you have a Windows or Mac computer, as our online collections software is a web-based solution that works on any operating system, as long as you have a web browser and an internet connection.

How much does online museum collections software cost?

To find out the cost of online museum collections software for your institution, visit our contact page to get in touch with one of our experts who will assess your specific needs and customize a quote for your organization.

Do we have to pay hosting fees for eMuseum?

Since eMuseum is a web-based museum collections software, you can choose to have Gallery Systems managed hosting provide browser-based access to eMuseum for you, or you can provide your own IT infrastructure and host it on your premises.

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