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Free Collections Management Resources


Choosing the Right CMS

5 steps to an effective selection process.

Selecting a collections management system for your institution is a big decision. This guide is designed to get you started, exploring questions to ask along the way, features to consider, and cost-benefit analysis.

best practices

USA Grants Guide

Funding opportunities to help support your collection goals.

Boost your budget and meet your collections goals with this annual list of over 20 grants for collections management organizations in the United States.

Museum grants for Europe and United Kingdom

Europe and United Kingdom Grants Guide

Apply for grant funding for your collections.

From digitizing your collections, to managing preservation projects, building a beautiful digital gallery to showcase your collections online, and anything in between, this grants guide will get you started

Riding a Rocket to Change

How to Get the Collections Management System You Need

A Guide to Managing Change for Museums

We have coached hundreds of clients through deploying a new Collections Management System. We’ve gathered our experiences in this guide for achieving buy-in and managing change.

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Creating a Digital Strategy for your Institution

Aligning digital strategy with your museum’s mission.

This guide provides insight into creating a strategic digital plan, and looks at the digital strategies of a few Gallery Systems clients.

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Top 14 Reasons to Invest in an Enterprise Collections Management System

An outline of expected operational improvements.

Several key areas of operation will see a marked improvement with an investment in a new CMS, and will provide the greatest opportunity for your organization to recoup the initial technology investment. This guide will examine each area.

Creating a Better Backup Plan

Creating a Better Backup Plan

Secure your institution’s intellectual property.

A solid backup plan where data is never lost saves time and increases productivity because work doesn’t need to be re-created. Learn about possible holes in your backup plan and ways to fix them.

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Best Practices for Collections Documentation and Object Cataloguing

A beginners guide to collections cataloguing.

Tracking detailed object information is essential to the health of any collection. This guide looks at what it means to properly record collection information, and how to best go about it.

How to Streamline Conservation Documentation

Conservation documentation Part 1

See how Jane, a busy conservator, eliminates repetitive administrative tasks and redundant paperwork to get back to caring for the collection.

Effectively Managing Conservation Workflow

Conservation Documentation Part 2

This short video follows Jane, a busy conservator who must manage treatment and object preparation for an upcoming exhibition.

Optimizing Collections Management Processes

A video for collections managers

This short video follows James, a collection manager working hard to maintain his collection information. James can quickly send object information to colleagues and generate accurate reports on any aspect of the collection.

Efficiently Managing Exhibitions

A video for registrars

This short video follows Anne, a busy registrar who is managing several exhibitions. See how Anne uses her Collections Management System to work more efficiently, communicate instantly with colleagues, and better preserve the objects in her care.

Enhancing Curatorial Exhibition Planning

A video for curators

This video follows Henry, a curator working on a new exhibition. Learn how Henry is able to quickly make edits and control access to his exhibition checklist, and how he can instantly see detailed information on all objects for the exhibit.

TMS Conservation Studio

Product overview

Conservation Studio streamlines and organizes your conservation processes in one central, secure place. Users can manage media, conservation reports, research, publications, notes, and other collection data, easily and effectively.


Product overview

eMuseum is a web-based application that integrates seamlessly with TMS to dynamically publish information to your website, intranet, and kiosks.

TMS Media Studio

Product overview

Media Studio is an easy-to-use, powerful Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) that helps you manage your institution’s media.


eMuseum Information Package

Take your collection online with ease.

Here’s a closer look at eMuseum. Learn about the benefits, system requirements and more to see if it’s the right solution for you.

Conservation Studio

Conservation Studio Information Package

Streamline conservation processes.

Learn more about Conservation Studio including information on modules, features, system requirements and how it can help you work and document faster.

The Museum System

TMS Information Package

An introduction to TMS; our collections management solution.

Learn more about TMS, from its modules and features to system requirements and pricing. TMS has helped over 800 institutions realize excellence in collections and archive management.

Media Studio

Media Studio Information Package

Easily manage your digital assets.

Discover more ways to get the most from your media. Media Studio uses the TMS database to allow access to your digital assets and improve collaboration between departments.


TMS Cataloguer Information Package

Web-based collections management software.

Learn more about TMS Cataloguer, the newest generation of collections management software, in this information package.


EmbARK Information Package

Affordable collections management software.

Learn more about EmbARK in this information package that examines software features, system requirements, existing clients and pricing.

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