eMuseum Digital Publishing Software Helps you Share your Collection on the Web

eMuseum is a powerful web publishing toolkit that integrates seamlessly with TMS to bring dynamic collection content and images to your website, intranet, and kiosks.

Showcase your collection

Join a community of renowned institutions that have taken their collections online with eMuseum. Expand, engage and enrich your audience with this powerful tool.

See eMuseum in Action

This short video provides an overview of eMuseum. eMuseum is the heart of your online collection, delivering context-rich information on objects, exhibitions, and events. eMuseum’s fully-documented API supports integration of TMS content with external applications and allows you to publish your collection information in new ways.

eMuseum Benefits

Expanded Reach

Share your collection online by publishing context-rich object and exhibition information to the web. An online collection offers vetted, detailed information to your audience, allowing them to create sharable, personalized groupings of favorite works and view all related media. eMuseum sites are fully responsive, so visitors can access your site via any web-enabled device.

Easy Integration

eMuseum is fully integrated with TMS. Any changes you make to your collection data in TMS are reflected in eMuseum, minimizing data entry and ensuring consistency. eMuseum provides virtually limitless possibilities for displaying your collection information and integrating with other applications and services. eMuseum supports Linked Data for extended context linking  and offers optional API services for even more creative data sharing and integration.

Complete Customization

We match the appearance and style of your existing website to give users a seamless experience when navigating from your main site to your collections. Powerful integrated CSS technology makes sophisticated custom-styling quick and easy. Your collection can be displayed in a variety of attractive formats, from eye-catching slideshows to data-rich list views. You can even embed audio and video. eMuseum can be configured with different templates and profiles that allow you to customize your site for a variety of audiences and interests.

Powerful Searching

With eMuseum’s familiar Google-like functionality, visitors can search across every field in your eMuseum database, or use advanced fields and filters for more complex queries. eMuseum also suggests related objects-of-interest to users based on their search criteria. You control the configuration of searchable fields, as well as how results are returned to users. eMuseum also supports multilingual searching, opening your collection to an even wider audience.

Administrative Control

With eMuseum, you are in complete control of the information published to your site, including how that information is displayed and accessed. Non-public data can be restricted to authorized internal users. eMuseum allows you to create user accounts, manage rights, schedule automated refresh of your data, and decide exactly how collection records are grouped and displayed.

Valuable Insights

eMuseum tracks key metrics that can reveal the impact of your collection and the interests of your visitors. Along with conventional web metrics, eMuseum analytics measure collection-specific insights, such as object view counts and the most popular shared pages and images.

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eMuseum Brochure

About eMuseum

eMuseum can benefit your institution by quickly bringing your collections data online and integrating with your existing website. Take a closer look at the software’s features, services, system requirements and more.

Prendergast Collection

Williams College Museum of Art

Williams College Museum of Art embarked on a large-scale initiative to digitize its Prendergast collection, resulting in increased accessibility to the collection and reduced handling and light exposure.


Best Practices for Cataloguing Photographic Archives

As galleries, libraries, archives and museums bring their physical objects into the digital realm, new methods of organization need to be designed to support the accessibility and sustainability of the digital media.

Southwark Culture & Heritage Services

Southwark Culture & Heritage Services

The London Borough of Southwark Culture & Heritage Services sought to procure an information system with web publishing capabilities to effectively manage a wide range of collections across multiple institutions and departments.


Dr. James Cuno on the Digitization of Collection Information

The digital world is changing fast, and museums must adapt just as fast to better connect with audiences. By moving collections online, museum visitors can access a large amount of information before they ever step through a museum’s doors.

Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums

eMuseum Increases Museum Access

The Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums benefit from the flexibility of a customized collections management solution with the implementation of TMS and eMuseum. Their collections are now accessible to virtual visitors, increasing exposure.


Our Clients

What Our Clients Say

“Gallery Systems understood our vision which was for eMuseum to be seamlessly integrated into our website; the result was exactly that.”
- Sophie Meyers, Collections Project Manager, Delaware Art Museum
“Moving some of our fossil data online, and knowing that the data is accurate, will save us time in answering queries from the community since we can simply direct people to the website. With eMuseum, the end product is an attractive front-facing portal with a similar feel to our website.”
- Graeme Housego, Collections Assistant, The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
“TMS and eMuseum provides a dynamic platform, which enables us to have art registration and communication as one procedure.”
- Morten Nybo, Project Manager, Danish Agency for Culture
“There is no limit to the customization potential of eMuseum. As our project grows, TMS and eMuseum will continue to handle its increasing size and complexity.”
- Dr. Peter Der Manuelian, Giza Archives Project Director, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
“TMS and eMuseum are the foundation of the management of our collection. With the help of TMS, we can extend our information to the public and internal staff alike.”
- Lenn Nunn, Head of Information Systems, National Gallery, London
“We like the level of customization that eMuseum affords. We are able to match eMuseum with our website’s existing look.”
- Rachel Tassone, Associate Registrar, Williams College Museum of Art