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Effortlessly Document Object Movement and Collection Inventory Tracking with TMS Barcode Manager

TMS Barcode Manager makes it easy to manage your collection’s crates, frames, components, and object locations. With TMS Barcode Manager, you’ll always have a consistent, traceable record of where your objects are as they travel within your facilities and beyond.

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Take Control of Object Moves

Whether you’re undertaking a large scale collection move project or just relocating a few objects from storage to the galleries, TMS Barcode Manager helps make the process efficient and reliable, for better peace of mind.

TMS Barcode Manager Benefits

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About TMS Barcode Manager

Discover how to easily manage locations and movement. Download the Barcode Manager brochure.

collection inventory


California Department of Parks and Recreation

Using Barcode Technology to Track Collections during a Relocation Move
The California Department of Parks and Recreation, otherwise known as California State Parks, has a mandate to preserve, protect, and interpret its museum collections which includes museum objects, natural history specimens, paleontological specimens, archaeological artifacts, and archive materials [...]

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