Collections Management Consulting Services

Our full suite of services helps clients get the most out of their collection management solution. Whether you are a small organization with limited resources, are looking to improve your skills, or just need a helping hand, we have an option for you. Let us help you today.

Get Up and Running Faster with Data Conversion Services

Data conversion can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but we can help. A dedicated project manager will guide you through the conversion process, while our data conversion team transfers your legacy data efficiently and accurately. Your project manager will analyze your source data, provide solutions to any issues, and implement data standards to best optimize your collections management system from the start.



Take a Break—Let Us Be Your Host

With our hosting package, we will manage your IT needs, leaving you free to concentrate on your collection. We provide secure, web browser-enabled access to your collections data. We also perform nightly backups, schedule service pack upgrades, monitor database health, and handle all system administration duties required to make sure your data is safe and secure. Our team will keep your system up-to-date with the latest upgrades as soon as they are released.

The Training You Need Online or Onsite

Administrators and end users will have access to a full suite of training courses, including free online webinars and intensive three-day workshops. Our trainers combine their hands-on museum experience with an in-depth knowledge of our products, to cover everything from advanced application training to report writing. The customized training available focuses on specific processes and functions related to your needs. View our current training offerings.



Keep On Track With Key Reports

Feeling overwhelmed by your data? Reports tailored to your specific workflow needs are an integral part of successful collections and exhibitions management. If you don’t have a reporting expert on staff, or just need some extra help, we offer custom report development based on your specifications.

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