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TMS Conservation Studio is Museum Conservation Software that Helps Streamline Your Conservation Documentation

Developed for conservators by conservators, TMS Conservation Studio is an easy-to-navigate, web-based museum conservation software that consolidates and supports every aspect of day-to-day conservation activities. Now you can easily access, share and update conservation data and documentation.

Museum Conservation Software

Designed to match the way conservators work

Organize your conservation data around the tasks and timelines that matter most. Conservation Studio consolidates everything from project management and treatment data, to reports and images and media.

In this short video, explore Conservation Studio, the museum conservation software developed in collaboration with conservators from around the world. Conservation Studio streamlines and organizes your conservation processes in one central, secure place. Users can manage media, conservation reports, research, publications, notes, and other collection data, easily and effectively.

Conservation Studio Benefits

Conservation on the Go

It’s easy to photograph objects with your iPad during an examination, annotate the images right on your tablet, and upload the images directly to your conservation documentation system. You can update your team on an object’s condition in an instant, from any location. Watch how a busy conservator photographs, annotates, and completes a report with her tablet.

TMS Conservation Studio Details

About Conservation Studio

Get an in-depth look at Conservation Studio including information on modules, features, system requirements and how it can help you work and document faster, with timesaving features and a clean, modern look.

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Conservation Studio FAQ

Does our museum need a conservation software solution?2019-05-28T07:08:22-04:00

If your museum has an in-house conservation department, you will benefit from the use of conservation software. Implementing a conservation software solution will help streamline and organize your conservation processes in one central, secure place. Conservators can manage media, conservation reports, research, publications, notes, and other conservation data, easily and effectively.

What is the best conservation documentation software for museums?2019-05-28T07:06:59-04:00

The best conservation software for museums and collections institutions is software that can seamlessly integrate with your institutions’ collections management systems and software. Gallery Systems created TMS Conservation Studio as part of an ecosystem of museum software which addresses all of the needs that collections institutions have.  The TMS Suite includes the core collections management software of TMS Collections and integrates that functionality with applications to support web publishing, digital asset management, conservation, barcoding, and collections auditing.

Is TMS Conservation Studio a cloud based conservation software solution?2019-05-28T07:03:14-04:00

The TMS Suite of software, including Conservation Studio, is web based software and can be hosted in the cloud for you by Gallery Systems or you can choose to host it yourself on your premises.

Can I run your museum conservation software on Mac or Windows computers?2019-05-28T07:02:41-04:00

With Conservation Studio, it does not matter if you have a Windows or Mac computer, as our software is a web-based solution that will work on any operating system as long as you have a web browser and an internet connection.

Do we have to be using TMS collections management software to purchase Conservation Studio?2019-05-28T07:01:59-04:00

No, you can purchase TMS Conservation Studio conservation software and use it as a stand-alone conservation software solution, however you will not be able to realize the benefits of having a shared collections management and conservation database.

What is the price of the TMS Conservation Studio conservation software platform?2019-05-28T07:00:41-04:00

Please visit our contact page to get in touch with one of our Account Managers who can help understand your needs and customize a quote for your organization.