Collections Management Consulting Services for Museums

When you become part of the Gallery Systems family, we want you to succeed in managing your collection, and we don’t believe the job ends after a successful implementation. Our team of technical and collections experts have developed a menu of complimentary and additional services to help you to get the most out of your collections management solution, including Data Conversion, Customization, Technical Support, Hosting, Training, and Consulting.

Data Conversion

Our Data Conversion services get you started by refining and consolidating your legacy data into your new database. While getting up to speed with your new system, a dedicated project manager will guide you through the migration process.

If you’re a current user who is managing separate legacy databases, or who has received a large donation collection, our Append Conversion will bring your new data into the fold, painlessly.



Data Protection and Hosting

Let our team manage your IT with Gallery Systems Managed Hosting. We provide secure access to your data, perform nightly backups, schedule service pack upgrades, monitor database health, and handle all system administration duties required to make sure your data is safe and secure. Our team will keep your system up-to-date with the latest upgrades as soon as they are released. Accessing your data on the go is no problem, we’ll provide remote access to your TMS database, so you can securely log on from anywhere.


Gallery Systems offers training in a variety of formats, for beginners, administrators and advanced users. Our trainers provide a powerful combination: years of practical museum experience and advanced technical expertise, covering everything from introductory training to report writing. Join a standardized group class, or we’ll work with your team to provide a more customized learning experience at your location. View our current training offerings.




Feeling overwhelmed by your data? Reports tailored to your specific procedures are an integral part of successful collections management. If you don’t have a reporting expert on staff, or just need a little extra help, we offer custom report development based on your specifications.


Further enhance your productivity with customizations and data configurations that support your staff and workflows. Gallery Systems can tailor your system to meet unique conditions and requirements via personalized reports, screen views, forms, and more. If you don’t have the time or resources on hand for custom modifications, Gallery Systems has got you covered.


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Collections Management Consulting Services FAQ

How do I know collections management consulting services are right for our collections institution?2019-06-05T12:47:11-04:00

Adopting new collections management software and workflows within any collections institution is no small feat. Our collections management consulting services ensure that you can be confident that your organization is getting the most efficient use out of Gallery System’s suite of museum software. Through ongoing training for your employees, customized reporting solutions to keep your stakeholders up to date and informed, data protection and data migration assistance, we help empower stakeholders to perform their responsibilities more efficiently. Our consultancy services are perfect for organizations of all shapes and sizes; whether you require external support due to lack of internal resources, or looking for peace of mind when implementing a new system within your organization. Our extensive knowledge of best practices in the museum field make us the perfect partners to guide you through large organizational transitions.

Why would we need a data conversion?2019-06-05T12:46:41-04:00

If you have existing legacy data from an earlier era’s collection system, or are transitioning from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or FileMaker, or if you have acquired a large collection that needs to be added to your TMS system, you will likely need data conversion collections management consulting services to consolidate all your collections information in a single, up-to-date system.

How long does the data conversion process take?2019-06-05T12:44:47-04:00

Every data conversion project is unique, depending on such factors as the number of data fields to be converted, specific workflow requirements, the consistency of the current data, and the overall vision for the collection. Some data conversions collections management consulting services may take a few days, weeks, or longer, depending on complexity.

What are the advantages of Gallery Systems managed hosting?2019-06-05T12:44:15-04:00

Selecting Managed Hosting will greatly simplify your implementation, as Gallery Systems technology staff will provision your entire technical environment as part of your collections management consulting services. This speeds up your implementation and assures that your technical requirements are taken care of.

Managed Hosting with Gallery Systems relieves your staff of the stress from server maintenance, upgrades, and database administration. Managed Hosting and collections management consulting services are great options if you lack dedicated IT staff resources.

When does our training begin? How much training will we need?2019-06-05T12:43:31-04:00

Your implementation can include a number of training options. Generally, new clients receive training just prior to their staff starting to use the collections management software. We will work with you to create a training plan and collections management consulting services to meet your needs.

Can we customize our system after implementation is complete?2019-06-05T12:43:04-04:00

Yes. All Gallery Systems products include extensive options for custom configuration, allowing your system to fulfill your institutional workflow requirements. Many configurations can be easily managed in-house, and Gallery Systems offers additional collections management consulting services for more complex configurations when desired.

Are Gallery System’s collections management consulting services offered on-site or off-site?2019-06-05T12:42:25-04:00

Collections management consulting services can be delivered at your location or completed at Gallery Systems office depending on what you require. For example, it is common for training to take place at your location but data conversions are most often done as a remote service.

How much do collections management consulting services cost?2019-06-05T12:41:23-04:00

Costs vary depending on the services which your organization requires. Please visit our contact page to get in touch with one of our Account Managers who can help understand your needs and customize a quote for your organization.