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Using solutions that provide full, native integration with your collections management system eliminates the stress of adding new functionality while saving time and money. That’s why we’ve created the TMS Suite, an interwoven platform of products designed to support your collection needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Two museums are searching for a new Collections Management System to improve collaboration, reporting, workflows, and most importantly, to support publishing their collections online. This video explores their differing approaches, and the results they achieve.

The TMS Suite


Looking for a new Collections Management System?

Selecting a collections management system for your institution is a tough decision. Get started right by downloading our purchasing guide. It covers questions to ask, features to consider, provides worksheets for cost-benefit analysis, and more.



Museum Funding Guide

Annual Grants List

We put together this list of over 20 grants for collections management organizations in the United States to help support your collection goals.

Collections Management System Purchasing Guide

Choosing the Right CMS: 5 Steps to an Effective Selection Process.

This ebook will guide you through the process of procuring a new collections management system.

Change management guide for museums

How to Get the Collections Management System You Need: A Guide to Managing Change for Museums

This guide will walk you through the process for achieving buy-in and managing change during a CMS implementation.

What Our Clients Say

“TMS gave us insight into how larger, world-renowned institutions set up their workflow, and every time we have followed these industry standards, it has been to our benefit.”

Richard Grant, Executive Director, The Richard Diebenkorn Foundation
“The learning opportunity is great for our students. So many institutions use TMS, it becomes tangible work experience. They can learn the system and then progress to an internship or job with a great set of skills. We align ourselves with the University’s mission. We’re not an independent entity, we help fulfill the parent institution. That’s why the teaching aspect in TMS was so important, it helps our students grow.”
Lindsay Shen, Director of Art Collections, Chapman University Art Collections

“We believe that Gallery Systems provides the knowledge and support needed to best help us showcase our collection…”

Mark Engstrom, Senior Curator and Deputy Director of Collections & Research, Royal Ontario Museum
“We can adapt the modules and fields to fit our unique needs,” says David. “For example, we use the Components fields, which other institutions might use for, say, recording information about a painting or a mount, to track the 320 bones of a human skeletal remain. And, we’ve morphed all our data in the ‘Culture’ and ‘Period’ fields into one wonderfully searchable Thesaurus field.”
David DeBono Schafer, Senior Collections Manager, The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University

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