Grants Guides for museums in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Latin America

Time to unveil the 2024 Museum Grants Guides! Gallery Systems presents the new editions of our annual guides, filled with more opportunities than ever to secure funding.

Discover updated guides for the United States, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom, and Spain and Latin America (en español), plus an international guide for museum conservation.

Each guide features an extensive array of funding programs for museums, heritage institutions, and industry professionals. Find global and region-specific grants, awards, contests, and scholarships meant to improve all facets of museum life—from current workflows to future projects and skill development.

Consult the 2024 Museum Grants Guides today to start your granting journey and fund a bright year ahead at your institution.

What projects can museum grants fund?

Within the museum world, grant programs are established to bridge the most noted funding gaps.

Many museums face financial obstacles that hinder their operations, project development, and ability to access new and upgraded technology. These deficits can compromise their ability to engage diverse communities, care for collection objects, and champion new initiatives, among other priorities.

To help alleviate these challenges, museum grants often fund projects in the following areas:

Keep in mind, this list isn’t exhaustive! Visit our 2024 Museum Grants Guides for additional details on current funding trends.

Museum grants for the United States

Find top nationwide grants inside the 2024 Museum Grants Guide for the U.S. Explore funding opportunities to support an expansive range of collections, projects, and institutions within America’s heritage sector.

⮕ Includes grants and funding programs from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, National Historical Publications and Records Commission, Kress Foundation, and more.

Museum grants for Canada

Browse the 2024 Museum Grants Guide for Canada to discover provincial and national granting programs for Canadian and Indigenous institutions. The funding opportunities inside span all 13 provinces and territories.

⮕ Includes grants and funding programs from the Canada Council for the Arts, Government of Canada, provincial arts councils, and more.

Museum grants for Europe and the United Kingdom

Preserve your institution’s remarkable collections and heritage objects with the 2024 Museum Grants Guide for Europe and the United Kingdom. Newly expanded for 2024, this guide now features more grants and European nations than ever before.

⮕ Includes grants and funding programs from Art Fund, Creative Europe, EEA and Norway Grants, Nordic Cultural Point, and more.

Museum grants for Spain and Latin America

Undertake new initiatives by leveraging the 2024 Museum Grants Guide for Spain and Latin America (en español). Learn how to get creative with your funding strategy through our compilation of grants, sourced from expected and unexpected places.

⮕ Includes grants and funding programs from Cultura y Mecenazgo, Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, Iberarchivos, and more.

Grants for museum conservation

Explore funding opportunities, curated specially for museum conservators, in the 2024 Grants Guide for Museum Conservation. For this international guide, each grant was chosen with consideration to the unique challenges faced by conservation departments.

⮕ Includes grants and funding programs from the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation, Kress Foundation, The Getty Foundation, and more.

Applying for museum grants in 2024?

Gallery Systems can help with your next grant application. We have assisted many institutions with successful applications, related to software implementation, upgrades, and training.

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