Meet Jane, a busy conservator who loves caring for objects in her collection. Unfortunately, repetitive administrative tasks and redundant paperwork can keep her from the work she loves.

Lucky for Jane, there’s a better way. Watch this video to learn her secret to managing her work so she can get back to caring for her collection.

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Video Transcript

Meet Jane, a busy museum conservator who is working to protect the objects in her collection, while also preparing for upcoming exhibitions.

Jane loves her job. She gets to care for objects, and research techniques to lengthen the lifespan of the collection.

Unfortunately, Jane spends a lot of time doing things that keep her from the work she’s passionate about, like repetitive administrative tasks, filling out redundant paperwork, and responding to emails.

When a curator sends Jane the details for an upcoming exhibition, Jane has to add a long list of objects to her already busy schedule. She goes to work triaging objects in order to meet a fast approaching exhibition deadline, always wishing she could spend more time with each object.

Jane often has multiple curators contacting her to have objects cleaned or repaired. Without a proper communication system in place, her inbox is full of jobs that are all top priority, and no way to filter them. Additionally, Jane has to constantly respond to emails about status updates for the objects she’s conserving, and having to keep such a close watch on her inbox distracts her from doing the work she loves.

Fortunately for Jane, there’s a better way. She’s discovered an easy to use conservation documentation system that helps her streamline her administrative tasks, communicate with curators and other staff, and spend more time on what matters most.

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