Gallery Systems is pleased to announce that the TMS Suite of products, including TMS Collections, TMS Media Studio, and TMS Conservation Studio, are now available for use on Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface tablets, as well as Mac computers, in addition to Windows desktop computers.

“The TMS Web Applications are now available to Apple users, which is an exciting advancement for Gallery Systems,” says Jay Hoffman, CEO of Gallery Systems, “The features in our latest release will make it easier for TMS users to work together to accomplish their goals, and support their institution’s mission.”

The TMS Suite web applications have been enhanced with the addition of new features, including the ability to photograph works with your tablet and create media records in real time. You can now access your collections documentation anywhere, switching between your iPad and desktop computer, giving you the mobility you need without sacrificing your access to information. Condition reports, inventory checklists, damage reports, and much more, can now be done on the spot, without the hassle of having to return to your desk to enter data. “The new release of the Gallery Systems TMS Suite heightens your team’s mobility, and makes it much easier to update your database while collaborating with staff across the museum,” says Hoffman.

Watch the short video above to see a conservator demonstrating how it works.