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Simplifying Research Endeavors and Exhibition Planning for the Efficient Curator

As a Curator, you create the public face of your institution, designing exhibitions to attract, educate and empower your community. When you’re planning your next big show, don’t be held back by tedious manual processes or inaccurate records.
We provide powerful, user-friendly technology solutions for curators to centralize your collection information for a smooth and efficient exhibition planning process. Safely keep all digital records of donors, research, papers, catalogue text, potential acquisitions and more, in a secure, private space. Use our simple tools to help you leverage your exhibitions online and bring your collection to audiences around the world.

Enhancing Curatorial Exhibition Planning

In this short video you’ll meet Henry, a curator working on a new exhibition. Learn how Henry is able to quickly make edits and control access to his exhibition checklist, and instantly see detailed information on all objects he is considering for the exhibit. This streamlined approach lets Henry curate the exhibit with greater ease, and puts the information he needs to help researchers, the press, and donors at his fingertips.

Resources for Curators

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