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Sheena Archer is the Director of Marketing at Gallery Systems and has over 10 years of experience in Marketing and Communications for technology companies. Sheena holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a diploma in graphic design. When she’s not building marketing plans, designing websites or interviewing clients, you can find her growing vegetables, walking the world’s cutest dog or attempting to turn herself into a human yoga pretzel.


Illuminating the Archives M+, a new museum in Hong Kong's West Kowloon Cultural District, has set out to become one of the world's largest museums of modern and contemporary visual culture and has spent the last several years collecting objects from around the globe. In addition to artworks and objects, M+ also acquires archives. Kevin [...]


Collective Conversations with Tine Schmidt Haislund

Registrar, The Munch Museum The Munch Museum opened in May 1963, a hundred years after iconic Norwegian painter Edvard Munch’s birth. Located in Tøyen, Oslo, the museum’s collection initially consisted of more than 1,150 paintings, 18,000 prints, 7,700 drawings and watercolors, and 13 sculptures, among other objects; all bequeathed by Munch himself, as well [...]

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The Frick Collection

Preparing for Implementing Conservation Software The Frick Collection, located in New York City’s Upper East Side neighborhood, is one of the most well-known museums in the world, with a collection specializing in Old Master paintings and European sculpture and decorative arts predominantly dating from the 14th to 18th century. Henry Clay Frick, who built the [...]

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Collective Conversations with Hamutal Gabayev

Hamutal Gabayev, Registrar and TMS Administrator, Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem
The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem is a unique museum of ancient civilizations, presenting the history of the lands and civilizations mentioned in the Bible in relation to the development of the biblical narrative throughout generations. The goal of the Museum is to connect [...]

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Growing the Online Collection: Using FlexFields and Alerts for Workflow, Prioritization, and Resource Allocation

The Saint Louis Art Museum is home to an encyclopedic collection of over 34,000 works of art, with seven curatorial departments, a robust team of registrars, and a newly-formed digital assets department. In 2017, with a digital strategy in place and a new website in development, SLAM began a new process to provide more object [...]

Growing the Online Collection: Using FlexFields and Alerts for Workflow, Prioritization, and Resource Allocation2020-01-27T09:25:11-05:00

Collective Conversations with Allison Nicks

Registrar, Delaware Art Museum Founded in 1912, the Delaware Art Museum has a mission to connect people to art offering an inclusive and essential community resource through its collections, exhibitions, and programs. The Museum is known for its large collection of British Pre-Raphaelite art, works by Wilmington-native Howard Pyle and fellow American illustrators, and urban [...]

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Meet the Next Generation of Collections Management

Manage your collection online with the next generation of the world's leading collections management software, TMS. TMS Collections is the browser-based solution your team is looking for, that provides you with an easy and flexible way to manage your collection, from anywhere. Watch this video to learn more about TMS Collections. Video Transcript TMS Collections is [...]

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5 Tips for Finding and Selecting the Right Collections Management System

Collection organizations such as museums and art galleries use a museum collections management system (CMS) to keep track of complex interdepartmental data and information pertaining to the objects in the collection. Since the records of your most valuable collection objects are tracked by a museum CMS, that information must be easily accessed by all members [...]

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Need a better way to manage conservation documentation?

Our clients tell us one of the biggest issues their conservators face is a huge workload, particularly around managing objects for exhibitions and loans. Treatments and surveys require extensive documentation, and conservators generate more media files than any other department. Conservators create a large volume of important documentation on a daily basis, but are often [...]

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The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University

Promoting Teaching and Research Through Excellence in Collections Management The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is among the oldest museums of its type in the world, and is home to one of the finest collections of human cultural history. Since the late nineteenth century, the Museum has played an active [...]

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