TMS Core Training in the Big Apple

Continuing professional development and training on your Collections Management System helps your collections team to expand their abilities and improve your workflows. Keeping up with the changing standards of the field and new functionality available in TMS , helps your institution better prepare to handle increasing workloads without compromising collections care. Gallery Systems offers training and [...]

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Get Crystal Clear on Crystal Reports for TMS

Reports are one of the most useful tools in any Collections Professional's toolkit, helping to do everything from creating exhibition checklists for conservation, to keeping outgoing loans organized. To create the best reports possible, Gallery Systems utilizes Crystal Reports for TMS. Sometimes managing reports can feel a little daunting, but with some training, you can [...]

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Tuesdays are for TMS Training

Looking for a simple way to get some extra TMS Training? Every other month, Gallery Systems offers TMS Tuesday: Onboarding & Refresher Training. This popular TMS training session is great for anyone who’s part of the Gallery Systems community, especially first time TMS users, students seeking careers in museums, and users with past TMS experience [...]

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Training Day: Keep Your Team in the Know and Your Records on Point

Professional-level collections management training is the key to assuring your CMS implementation is a success. Gallery Systems’ Training Specialist Allison Galland has worked with many institutions to help them achieve this goal. “There are a lot of reasons people invest in training,” says Allison. “Maybe they’ve recently upgraded to a new version of TMS, or [...]

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