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How 3D Scanning Can Lessen the Impact of Object Handling

Conservation Best Practices from the Smithsonian’s Digitization Program Office
Conservation work isn’t only about repairing damage, but preventing that damage from happening. That is the motivation behind the innovative 3D scanning work being done at The Smithsonian Institute’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden [...]

How 3D Scanning Can Lessen the Impact of Object Handling2020-06-12T16:27:15-04:00

Better Object Preservation: 4 Ways a Collection Management Solution Can Help

Improving the Conservation and Accessibility of Collections Objects
It’s the challenge of everyone who works with collections: how to preserve objects while at the same time increasing their accessibility? The imperative of accessibility is too powerful to ignore. Surrounding yourself with the right tools and technologies can be the answer [...]

Better Object Preservation: 4 Ways a Collection Management Solution Can Help2020-06-12T16:04:26-04:00

TMS Conservation Studio

Gallery Systems' New Conservation Documentation Software for Museum Conservators
We're excited about the upcoming release of our newest software product, Conservation Studio, an easy-to-navigate web-based tool designed to support conservation work. Developed in collaboration with professional conservators, Conservation Studio streamlines and organizes [...]

TMS Conservation Studio2020-06-12T16:36:46-04:00

Effectively Managing Conservation Processes

See How Conservation Studio Streamlines the Workflows of Museum Conservators
Follow a day in the life of Jane, a busy conservator who must manage treatment and object preparation for an upcoming exhibition. Learn how Jane manages the exhibition checklist, determines shipping and display requirements, and records conservation treatments [...]

Effectively Managing Conservation Processes2020-06-12T16:52:57-04:00

Conservation News: Conservators Uncover Hidden Treasures

Incredible Discoveries by the Barnes Foundation and the Baltimore Museum of Art
Not only do conservators play a critical role in preserving art and artifacts, sometimes they discover them too. This week in Conservation News we highlight two stories where conservation treatments led to hidden treasures [...]

Conservation News: Conservators Uncover Hidden Treasures2020-06-12T17:02:10-04:00

A Brief History of Conservation Studio

Developing Our Conservation Documentation Software
Conservation management features have been part of The Museum System (TMS) from its beginning. When Jay Hoffman, CEO of Gallery Systems, was developing the first Windows version of TMS for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the 1990s, the museum’s need for software to track the condition, rehousing, and location of the textiles being moved [...]

A Brief History of Conservation Studio2020-06-15T10:57:46-04:00

New Conservation Techniques in the Digital Age

A Look at Light Projection and 3D Digitization
In late 2014, Harvard University concluded a six year restoration project with the unveiling of Mark Rothko’s restored Harvard Murals at the newly renovated Harvard Art Museum. Originally placed in a Harvard dining hall [...]

New Conservation Techniques in the Digital Age2020-06-11T10:23:47-04:00
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