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eMuseum Digital Publishing Software Helps You Create Digital Online Exhibitions of Your Collections

eMuseum is a powerful web publishing software for museums and other collecting institutions that integrates seamlessly with Collections Management Software. Our software allows for the creation of dynamic digital exhibitions that lets you showcase your extensive collections and images on your website, intranet, and kiosks.

eMuseum Share your Collection on the Web

Showcase your collection

Join a community of more than 200 renowned institutions that have taken their collections online with eMuseum. Expand, engage and enrich your audience with this powerful tool.

This short video provides an overview of eMuseum. eMuseum is the heart of your online collection, delivering context-rich information on objects, exhibitions, and events. eMuseum’s fully-documented API supports integration of TMS content with external applications and allows you to publish your collection information in new ways.

Visit eMuseum Sites

The Frick Collection

The Frick Collection

Enjoy this beautiful presentation of collection data, images, translated audio tours, and transcript text. This website uses the IIIF features in eMuseum, and allows the user to see amazing detail with the Mirador viewer.

Royal Ontario Museum Collections Website

Royal Ontario Museum

See how the Royal Ontario Museum uses eMuseum to publish images from their extensive collections and put a novel spin on standard browsing with their “Map Our Collection” feature.

Danish Arts Foundation

Danish Arts Foundation

This bilingual website provides an overview of art works, installations, and public arts. Objects can be viewed by site, and are plotted on a Google map to provide visitors with added context.

What Our Clients Say

“We didn’t need to research if we could implement IIIF, or how to do it. We simply asked Gallery Systems to deploy the latest eMuseum upgrade. They did, and we gained an important new feature: IIIF functionality.”

Haidar Hadi, Digital Database Developer, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

“There is no limit to the customization potential of eMuseum. As our project grows, TMS and eMuseum will continue to handle its increasing size and complexity.”

Dr. Peter Der Manuelian, Giza Archives Project Director, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

“TMS and eMuseum are the foundation of the management of our collection. With the help of TMS, we can extend our information to the public and internal staff alike.”

Lenn Nunn, Head of Information Systems, National Gallery, London

“We like the level of customization that eMuseum affords. We are able to match eMuseum with our website’s existing look.”

Rachel Tassone, Associate Registrar, Williams College Museum of Art

“We use eMuseum to publish collections online, and a variety of social media platforms to make those collections available to our audience. I love that we can make fragile items available to everyone online–that’s the culmination of all those technologies: digitization, managing and publishing data, and connecting to audiences.”

Lindsey Richardson, Curator of Collections, The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

“Working with Gallery Systems’ web team on the Seattle Art Museum’s Chinese Painting and Calligraphy OSCI project meant having highly knowledgeable support and leadership directly from architects of our database systems, TMS and eMuseum, which are the basis for the online catalog.”

Michelle Miller, Registrar for the Collection, Seattle Art Museum

eMuseum Benefits


Working on a Digital Strategy for your Institution?

This guide provides insight into creating a strategic digital plan and looks at the digital strategies of a few Gallery Systems clients.


eMuseum Details

About eMuseum

eMuseum can benefit your institution by quickly bringing your collections data online and integrating with your existing website. Take a closer look at the software’s features, services, system requirements and more.

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eMuseum FAQ

How can web publishing software help my museum or collections?2019-05-13T12:46:03-04:00

Digitizing your collections into an online digital exhibition is a challenge that many museums and collections institutions face today. Sharing your collections online will help make your collections more accessible to more patrons and allow your institution to reach a wider audience.

What is the best web publishing software for museums and collections institutions?2019-05-13T12:45:21-04:00

The best web publishing software for museums and collections institutions is software that can seamlessly integrate with your institutions’ collections management systems and software. Gallery Systems created eMuseum as part of an ecosystem of museum software which addresses all of the needs that collections institutions have.  The TMS Suite includes the core collections management software of TMS Collections and integrates that functionality with applications to support digital asset management, conservation, barcoding, and collections auditing, in addition to web publishing.

Can I run web publishing software on Mac or Windows computers?2019-05-13T12:43:19-04:00

With eMuseum, it does not matter if you have a Windows or Mac computer, as our software is a web-based solution that will work on any operating system as long as you have a web browser and an internet connection.

How much does web publishing software cost?2019-05-13T12:42:48-04:00

Please visit our contact page to get in touch with one of our Account Managers who can help understand your needs and customize a quote for your organization.

Do we have to pay for hosting since eMuseum is a web-based web publishing software?2019-05-13T12:42:08-04:00

You can choose to have Gallery Systems Managed Hosting provide browser-based access to eMuseum for you, or you can provide your own IT infrastructure and host it on your premises.