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Digital Asset Management and Workflow for Museums and Collections, with TMS Media Studio

Media Studio is the digital asset management system that supports all of your museum’s users, from conservators, to marketing, to collections, and allows you to customize rights management, copyright clearance, media, and photography workflows at a fraction of the cost of most digital asset management solutions.

Media Studio on a Laptop

Designed to simplify digital asset management and workflow for museums and collections

TMS Media Studio is the only digital asset management solution that lets you leverage all your existing collections content: no complicated external integrations required, so you can go live months earlier than with other DAM solutions, saving you time, money, and simplifying your implementation process.

This short video provides an overview of TMS Media Studio. Media Studio is an easy-to-use, powerful Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) that helps you manage your institution’s media. Media Studio uses the same database as The TMS Suite, removing the need for costly and time-consuming 3rd party integrations.

“Media Studio was TMS! There is no need for a complicated separate integration protocol because all of the data entered into Media Studio is entered directly into TMS. This fulfills the spirit of our IMLS grant, and frees us from ongoing integration maintenance.”

Marty Stein, Photographic and Imaging Services Manager, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
“The other features are just icing on the cake. For example, TMS has the ability to track rights information in both the Objects and Constituents module, so there is no longer a need to maintain that information in two separate systems.”
Marty Stein, Photographic and Imaging Services Manager, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
“They [new workflows and reports] were always in the back of our minds as something that would be wonderful to have, and we’ve decided this has been the best return for taking on Media Studio. We’ve been able to do things we’ve always wanted to do.”
Marty Stein, Photographic and Imaging Services Manager, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Media Studio Benefits

Working on a digital strategy for your institution?

This guide provides insight into creating a strategic digital plan and looks at the digital strategies of a few Gallery Systems clients.


TMS Media Studio Details

About Media Studio

Discover more ways to get the most from your media. Download the Media Studio brochure.


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