Is managed hosting or self-hosting the better choice for your institution?

Let’s talk about TMS Suite hosting. Deciding how to host your collections management system (CMS) requires a lot of consideration—especially when you’re debating between managed hosting and self-hosting at your institution.

What is managed hosting?

If your software provider hosts your applications and data, this service is called managed hosting.

Gallery Systems offers TMS Suite hosting to alleviate the hassle and associated costs of providing the necessary servers, system hardware, and IT support. Your data is stored on secure, enterprise-level services and backed up in a state-of-art data center.

What is self-hosting?

Self-hosting is when an institution hosts its software internally. The institution takes on the responsibility of maintaining its own database and servers.

By self-hosting, you’re responsible for securing and backing up data, applying software upgrades, managing users, and monitoring the database and its resources, among other tasks.

Questions to ask before choosing a hosting option

Deciding between managed hosting and self-hosting requires careful consideration. Answering a few questions can help put you on the right track.

Do you have the required IT resources to support your hosting needs?

No additional IT staff, hardware, or resources are needed when you host the TMS Suite with Gallery Systems.

There’s also no need to outsource to an IT firm, or a third-party vendor, which can result in double paying for IT support. Gallery Systems takes care of everything.

Does your institution have a process for implementing software upgrades?

Hosting with Gallery Systems includes software upgrades. We take updates off your to-do list, ensuring your institution always has the latest version and access to security updates, new features, and bug fixes.

Where do you currently go for database support and troubleshooting?

Gallery Systems hosting services include direct hosting support to troubleshoot and solve any infrastructure or connectivity issues you may encounter.

Our Customer Care team understands the inner workings of the TMS Suite and provides efficient, knowledgeable assistance.

Do you have IT support on standby if an emergency occurs?

Gallery Systems delivers on-demand support if you encounter any issue with your database. If an emergency occurs, our experts work hard to minimize downtime.

TMS Suite Hosting with Gallery Systems

Looking for expert advice? Connect with Gallery Systems to discuss your hosting options for the TMS Suite.

We can provide a personalized recommendation based on your institution’s needs and IT bandwidth. Let’s start that conversation today.

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