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Effortlessly Manage Core Collection Activities with TMS Cataloguer

TMS Cataloguer brings core cataloguing functions from The Museum System (TMS) to an intuitive and customizable web-based interface. Designed for institutions with standard workflows or streamlined teams, Cataloguer focuses on the key facets of documenting a collection, allowing you to easily manage objects, constituents, media, loans and exhibitions.

Collections Management Streamlined

TMS Cataloguer simplifies common collection tasks, such as accessioning new objects, creating exhibition checklists, and producing reports. Perfect for small, agile teams or for organizations with basic collection management requirements, TMS Cataloguer makes it easy to search, filter, and assemble records for more organized projects and streamlined workflows.

TMS Cataloguer Benefits


About TMS Cataloguer

Discover how to streamline your collections management. Download the TMS Cataloguer brochure.


TMS Cataloguer Collections Management System

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