TMS Media Studio 2023 is here

Care for digital assets to the same high standard as your collections

What can TMS Media Studio offer my institution?

for collections
Accomplish more with TMS Media Studio
2023. The latest upgrade to Gallery Systems’s
digital asset management software (DAMS)
delivers fresh, industry-vetted functionality
to enhance all media workflows. Manage,
secure, and share digital assets across your
entire institution.
INSIDE THE SUITEAll your software,
powering together
Adding a new DAMS can be easy. TMS Media Studio
belongs to the TMS Suite—our suite of products
sharing a central database but each offering
unique functionality. Build your software stack
without wasted budget and resources, or the risk
of an upgrade breaking the entire system.
and DAMS inseparable
Keep your digital assets and collections data in sync.
TMS Media Studio leverages the same database as
TMS Collections, collections management system (CMS).
Updates are reflected immediately in TMS Collections,
and vice versa, for risk-free data entry.

What’s new in
TMS Media Studio 2023

Explore the new features and functionality in TMS Media Studio 2023, designed to streamline your DAMS operations

Web-based media importer

Speed up cataloging and record-linking with the new Media Importer. Batch-import media files and populate the data into new Media records, linked automatically to TMS Suite records.

Video and audio previews

Watch and listen directly in TMS Media Studio 2023. Configure the preview settings to your preferred duration for audio and video, with video previews customized to 720 or 1080 resolution.

Powerpoint previews

Generate in-app previews of your PowerPoint presentations. A preview is created for each slide in the deck, supporting up to 50 previews per file.

Thesaurus-controlled batch update

Add, update, and delete thesaurus-controlled attribute terms in batches from Media records. You can expect this feature to be expanded even further in later versions.

New data entry views

Improve your user experience and navigation with new data entry views. Make asset details quickly available and launch media preview pop-ups throughout the modules.

A closer look at TMS Media Studio

Need the nitty-gritty details? Download the TMS Media Studio brochure to learn how our DAMS supports museums, collections, and industry professionals like you.

Want to discover how to get the most from your media with an easy-to-learn, integrated DAMS? Begin by downloading the Media Studio brochure.

Want to learn more?

Discover what TMS Media Studio 2023 can offer your institution. Reach out to Gallery Systems about your digital asset needs, or to ask questions about our latest DAMS upgrade.