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The Heart of Your Collection

Tools for the Efficient Collections Manager: Track Object Statuses and Keep Your Department on Task.

Each Collections Manager is responsible for the smooth operation of an astute team of curators, registrars, exhibition managers, and other specialists. Our collections management software will help you streamline documentation, cataloguing, and project timeline management with configurable reports, customizable data screens, and task-based alerts to keep your collection information in top shape. Consistent and accurate object information will bring efficiencies to every part of your organization and make reporting easier. Our dedicated support team will help you navigate all the procedural challenges you face, from internal documentation and project management to workflow and training.

Optimizing Collections Management

This short video follows James, a collections manager working hard to maintain his collection information. James can quickly send object information to colleagues, instantly view the curator’s checklist for an upcoming exhibition, and generate accurate reports on any aspect of the collection. Find out how.

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Resources for Collections Managers

Best Practices in Collections Management Policies, Documentation and Object Cataloguing

Tracking object details is an essential part of collections care. Adhering to a strong set of collections information and cataloguing standards through institutional collections management policies can help preserve the history of your collection for [...]

What Our Clients Say

“A few years ago we hired a consultant to catalog our small art library and prepare it for entry into the Bibliography module. Gallery Systems staff assisted with this import and it has made a world of a difference in the ability for staff and researchers to access our collection.”

Bethany Bannister-Andrews, Collections and Digital Assets Manager, Shangri La: Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design
“It’s the combination of having the objects, photographs, and the paper records available to students and researchers that truly brings value to our collection. Gallery Systems is an essential partner in our museum’s goals.”
David DeBono Schafer, Senior Collections Manager, The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University
“Gallery Systems delivers a fantastic product, but what really sells me is their unstinting technical support. As well, their ongoing innovation and interest in their clients’ needs come together to make TMS the best product it can be.”
Christine Droll, Registrar, Database & Collections, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

“As TMS administrator, one of my favorite resources has been Jon Thristan, Project Consultant at Gallery Systems—I’ve learned so much from him!”

Hilde Bøe, Digital Collection Manager, Munch Museum

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