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As a museum conservator, your work bridges art and science. Your responsibilities cover an impressive range of disciplines and activities, managing complex restoration projects, researching preservation methods, tracking exhibition needs, and more. Working closely for over three years with a group of museum conservators and specialists, we created Conservation Studio, a conservation documentation system designed from the ground up to support museum conservators. Natively integrated, with TMS as the central hub for your collection data, Conservation Studio streamlines your conservation processes, and consolidates project management, treatment data, surveys, reporting, and image management in an easy-to-navigate web-based toolset that works the way you do.

How to Use your iPad to Care for Collections on the Go

As a conservator, you’re always on the go, moving from the storage facilities to the galleries, and even traveling with your objects. You need a conservation documentation system that’s as mobile as you are. Watch how Jamie, a busy conservator, photographs, annotates, and cares for her objects with her iPad.

Resources for Conservators

What Our Clients Say

“[TMS] has more powerful tools for tracking condition and conservation, a straightforward way of managing constituents, and a great bibliography module.”

Jennifer Day, Registrar, Indian Arts Research Center
“Increasing accessibility to the collection, while at the same time reducing handling and light exposure of the objects, couldn’t have been achieved without these new technologies and our partnership with Gallery Systems.”
Rachel Tassone, Associate Registrar, Williams College Museum of Art

“TMS gave us insight into how larger, world-renowned institutions set up their workflow, and every time we have followed these industry standards, it has been to our benefit.”

Richard Grant, Executive Director, The Richard Diebenkorn Foundation

“We loved having more tools than we needed rather than just the basic ones we wanted initially. We have many future plans—so we’d much rather have a bigger system than a smaller one.”

Natalie Lawler, Assistant Collections Registrar and Preparator, Chapman University Art Collections

Effectively Managing Conservation Processes

This short video follows a day in the life of Jane, a busy conservator who must manage treatment and object preparation for an upcoming exhibition. Learn how Jane modifies her checklist, determines display requirements, and more using efficient, streamlined workflow processes that save her time so she can focus on what she does best—conserving the collection for future generations.

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