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Chapman University Art Collections

Cataloguing a Museum without Walls
Chapman University Art Collections is a unique group of collections that functions through the lens of education and consists of the Phyllis & Ross Escalette Permanent Collection of Art, the Chapman Campus Collection, and the new Hilbert Museum of California Art [...]

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Time-Based Media Arts and TMS

A Museum-Led Webinar by the Registrar Department of The Smithsonian American Art Museum
The Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) collection of time-based media arts (TBMA) increases every year in number and complexity. Objects range from 16mm films and vintage electronic installations to digital videos, software-based artworks and video games [...]

Time-Based Media Arts and TMS2020-06-12T12:49:51-04:00

Stark Museum of Art

Preserving, Cataloguing, and Sharing Rare Books with Collections Management Software
The Stark Museum of Art in Orange, Texas, was the vision of collectors H.J. Lutcher Stark and Nelda C. Stark. Opened in 1978, the Stark collection is focused on “the stunning land, dramatic people, and diverse wildlife of the American West.” Allison Evans, the Stark’s Collections Manager [...]

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Collective Conversations with Jen Kaines

Jen Kaines, Registrar and Collections Manager, Leeds Museums and Galleries
A day in the Registrars Department at Leeds Museums and Galleries, the largest local authority-run museum service in England, is never dull for Jen Kaines. As Registrar and Collections Manager, Jen handles 1.3 million objects from the natural world and industrial history [...]

Collective Conversations with Jen Kaines2020-06-04T13:33:26-04:00

Collective Conversations with Sarah Gillis

Sarah Gillis, Assistant Registrar, the Worcester Art Museum
The world-renowned Worcester Art Museum, in Worcester, Massachusetts, is home to an encyclopedic collection spanning 5,000 years of art and culture and 38,000 objects including, but not limited to: paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, photography, prints, drawings, and contemporary art [...]

Collective Conversations with Sarah Gillis2020-07-13T10:36:08-04:00

Best Practices for Cataloguing Photographic Archives

Examined by Sarah Gillis, Assistant Registrar for Image Management at the Worcester Art Museum
As galleries, libraries, archives and museums bring their physical objects into the digital realm, new methods of organization need to be designed to support the accessibility and sustainability of the digital media [...]

Best Practices for Cataloguing Photographic Archives2020-06-12T16:57:36-04:00

Collective Conversations with Carole Campbell

Carole Campbell, Registrar for Collections Management, J. Paul Getty Museum
Carole Campbell is the Registrar for Collections Management at the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California. Carole and her staff work extensively within TMS to manage the Museum’s acquisitions [...]

Collective Conversations with Carole Campbell2020-06-04T13:57:55-04:00

Bridging the Object / Component Divide

A Step-by-Step Tutorial in The Museum System (TMS)
The simple root of this complex issue is that an object can be composed of multiple components. A tea service is composed of a cup, a spoon, and a saucer, and it could and often is managed within the collection management system as a single object record with multiple components [...]

Bridging the Object / Component Divide2020-06-12T17:13:30-04:00

Williams College Museum of Art

Integrating and Promoting Fine Art and Archives through Technology
Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA), in Williamstown, Massachusetts, is widely considered to be one of the finest college art museums in the United States. It houses over 14,000 works that span the history of art, and is home to the world’s largest repository of work by the American artist [...]

Williams College Museum of Art2020-07-13T10:41:13-04:00

Become the Most Interesting Registrar at the Party

Find the Latest Anecdotes and News at Registrar Trek: The Next Generation
A registrar's day is varied and full of novelty: one moment you're buried among endless rows of priceless artifacts that have been hibernating in storage, and the next moment you’re managing digital shipping and loan records in the collection database [...]

Become the Most Interesting Registrar at the Party2020-06-15T11:04:39-04:00
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