How much setup and training will we need?

Each institution is different. Depending on the size of the collection and the extent to which you’ve used various features within TMS, you may need more or fewer services days for TMS Collections installation, setup, and training. For budgeting purposes, you should estimate 7 days of services at our standard daily rate of $1900 USD [...]

How much setup and training will we need?2018-03-08T13:47:11-05:00

How much does TMS Collections cost?

TMS Collections is a free upgrade included as part of your TMS annual maintenance package. In addition to free access to the software, there are setup and training services as well as hardware that will need to be in your budget.

How much does TMS Collections cost?2018-03-08T13:46:23-05:00

What does the product roadmap look like?

TMS Collections 1.0 includes modules for Objects, Constituents, Media, Exhibitions, Loans, Bibliography, and Sites. TMS Collections 2.0 includes modules for Events, Shipping, and Insurance. TMS Collections 3.0 is in development. TMS Collections 2.0 doesn't replicate all existing TMS features; for example, Location and Movement is simpler and not all TMS search features are implemented yet. [...]

What does the product roadmap look like?2020-03-23T11:06:52-04:00

What is the TMS Suite?

The TMS Suite is an ecosystem of Gallery Systems products designed to support collections management needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. The TMS Suite includes the core collections management functionality of TMS Collections, and integrates that functionality with applications to support web publishing, digital asset management, and conservation. Having native integration with [...]

What is the TMS Suite?2019-06-25T16:20:43-04:00

Can you describe the process for implementing TMS Collections?

Implementing TMS Collections involves configuring features to reflect your museum's data entry requirements and workflows, plus ensuring that you have the necessary technology resources available and correctly configured to support TMS Collections. In addition to helping with setup and configuration, Gallery Systems provides power user training sessions and end-user training session prior to museum-wide go-live.

Can you describe the process for implementing TMS Collections?2019-06-25T16:55:10-04:00

When is TMS Collections available?

For most institutions, TMS Collections is available now. TMS Collections 1.0 was released in Spring 2018. Version 2.0 was released March 2020

When is TMS Collections available?2020-03-23T11:04:22-04:00

What is TMS Collections?

TMS Collections is a next generation web-based version of TMS designed to handle all your collections management needs. TMS Collections retains the functionality you rely on in TMS but also provides new features and benefits. It is more configurable than TMS to give individual users control, a dashboard and new search options facilitate workflow, and [...]

What is TMS Collections?2019-06-25T17:19:03-04:00
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