Hosting Your Collections Management System and Data in the Cloud

A growing number of cultural heritage organizations are making the switch to managed hosting services for their enterprise collections management system (CMS), instead of manually installing the CMS software on each user’s workstation and keeping databases on physical servers located within their own walls. The many benefits of managed hosting services—cost savings, improved user remote access, and better data security—make this a compelling option for organizations of any size.

Moving to managed hosting services is a proven, easy-to-implement way to manage your CMS information in the cloud, making it securely accessible from a web browser to authorized members of your team anywhere in the world.

Why would a museum or cultural institution want to migrate to managed hosting? Wilfredo (Wil) Morillo, one of Gallery Systems’ IT Network Engineers, shares how managed hosting services can benefit institutions using collections management systems.

What are Managed Hosting Services?

Managed hosting is when a company such as Gallery Systems hosts your collections management system and data for you, in servers located in secure locations, outside your museum walls. Your institution is freed from the responsibility and expense of providing the necessary servers, system hardware, and IT support, as your hosting provider takes care of your data hosting and monitoring, backups, software updates, and overall security.

Wil explains why museums and cultural institutions, specifically collections management clients, opt for managed hosting services.

“Usually, our clients’ IT department is not solely dedicated to supporting their collections management system,” he said. “At Gallery Systems, the uptime, connectivity, speed, and security of our clients’ collection data is our priority.” Having a designated team in place ensures a high level of care and management for every client’s collections management solutions and data.

Migrating to managed hosting is a smooth, fast, and secure procedure. “Once a client signs up for managed hosting, the set-up and transfer process usually takes about five days,” Wil continues. “This timeframe can vary depending on the client’s current software version, media storage requirements, and any other special needs.”

The Benefits of Managed Hosting

Managed hosting provides solutions for day-to-day situations your collection is facing, ranging from security concerns and financial constraints to remote access. Here are a few of the benefits you will unlock with managed hosting.

Significant Cost Savings for IT and Hardware

With Gallery Systems managed hosting, all IT-related tasks as well as hardware and operating systems costs are handled by us, your hosting service provider. Your institution avoids the risk of unexpected expenses caused by faulty or outdated technology, safeguarding your operating budget.

Updates and Backups on Your Schedule

When your CMS is hosted by Gallery Systems, your IT department no longer needs to perform software upgrades, service pack updates, or database backups. Your software is updated by our dedicated hosting team to ensure your institution is always using the newest, most secure version, complete with the latest features and functionality. Database backups are managed and securely stored to provide a permanent safety net for all your CMS operations.

Secure, 24/7 Access from Anywhere

Maintaining the security of your collections data is always our priority. “Our hosted solution is highly secure, not only digitally but also physically,” Wil explains. “Our clients access their collections information via end-to-end encrypted communications, which can be further limited to their specific locations.”

Managed hosting provides round-the-clock, secure access to your CMS information from a desktop computer, laptop, or hand-held device. This versatility makes browser-based software invaluable for employees working remotely, either from their home office or while traveling. The only requirements are Internet connectivity and a supported browser.

Your Data Belongs to You

Gallery Systems doesn’t limit your institution’s ownership of its collections information in any way. Your data remains the exclusive property of your institution, with access limited to the specified staff members and roles that you define.

Hosting with Gallery Systems

Interested in managed hosting services for your institution? Hosting services and information about our software can be requested using our contact form. If you are an existing Gallery Systems client, submitting a case in our Community portal will get you a swift response from one of our experts. We look forward to connecting with you and discussing your institution’s specific needs.