A registrar’s day is varied and full of novelty: one moment you’re buried among endless rows of priceless artifacts that have been hibernating in storage, and the next moment you’re managing digital shipping and loan records in the collection database. Or, you’ll be tweaking a set of condition reports, only to find yourself evaluating mounts and light settings for an upcoming exhibition a little while later.

It’s diverse and fascinating work, yet it is easy to become absorbed in your own activities or those of your immediate network.

Where do you go to read anecdotes and articles, and find solutions to common issues outside your own circle? Where can you go to be inspired to push the envelope and be reminded of the amazing aspects of registrarial work?

The answer is Registrar Trek: The Next Generation, a thought-provoking website translated into multiple languages, where registrars and other collection care professionals share insights about the multi-faceted collection work that takes place behind-the-scenes, from the esoteric to the routine. See how your day measures up against that of a registrar from Caracas. Learn just how that museum transported an antique car overseas without a problem.

At Registrar Trek you can:

  • Stay abreast of the emerging hot-button topics and trends, with concise, helpful conference summaries or see how a fellow registrar fought and found a kind of beauty in artwork’s arch-enemy: dust.

Beyond the storage rooms and from behind the crates come stories and ideas for registrars of all types.

Registrar Trek lets you explore the full variety of collection life, become inspired, and maybe even come away with a chuckle or two to share at your next get-together.

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