Crafting Your Digital Strategy? The Warhol Puts Theirs Online

The emergence of new technologies has brought sweeping changes to museums, and strategic planning is undergoing a rapid evolution. Having a defined digital strategy allows institutions to leverage digital technologies in ways that will most benefit their organization, while staying within budget.

Crafting a digital strategy can be challenging, but learning how other institutions are incorporating digital technologies can help. The Andy Warhol Museum, a Gallery Systems client, has made their digital strategy freely available online. They invite those within the cultural sector to view, adapt, share, and repurpose these documents, and welcome those with concepts to improve digital strategy throughout the cultural sector to submit ideas.

The Warhol’s digital strategy is meant to be a “living, organic document,” as Jeffrey Inscho describes in his article, More Than a Museum: A Digital Strategy, on The Warhol blog. This approach allows the Museum to adapt quickly to changes in technology by giving digital staff the ability to be opportunistic with initiatives rather than reactive.

You can view The Warhol’s documents here.

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Sheena Archer
Sheena Archer is the Director of Marketing at Gallery Systems and has over 10 years of experience in Marketing and Communications for technology companies. Sheena holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a diploma in graphic design. When she’s not building marketing plans, designing websites or interviewing clients, you can find her growing vegetables, walking the world’s cutest dog or attempting to turn herself into a human yoga pretzel.


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