Launching the essential digital asset management system (DAMS) for museums and cultural institutions

NEW YORK CITY, May 12, 2023 – Unveiling the latest in digital asset management software

Gallery Systems is pleased to present TMS Media Studio 2023, the latest version of its digital asset management system (DAMS) for museums and cultural institutions.

TMS Media Studio 2023 is a momentous launch for Gallery Systems clients. Produced with input from a special interest group of users, this new upgrade to TMS Media Studio delivers much-anticipated benefits. It introduces powerful features and builds on existing functionality to streamline digital asset management within the sphere of cultural heritage.

“TMS Media Studio 9.93 offers tremendous possibility for museums and collecting institutions,” says Paul Thyssen, General Manager of Gallery Systems.

“Here is a solution that is much more than a typical DAMS because it supports every department, empowering them to streamline workflows, increase collaboration, and enhance the care and storage of digital assets. Gallery Systems is proud to deliver such an adaptive, beneficial software to meet industry demand.”

As a key advantage over a third-party DAMS, TMS Media Studio stores data in the same database as TMS Collections, the leading collections management system (CMS) from Gallery Systems.

For museums and cultural institutions, this cohesion revolutionizes the DAMS experience. TMS Media Studio eliminates the need for a third-party integration when paired with TMS Collections. Together, these software solutions deliver an uninterrupted workflow between managing digital assets and collections data.

What’s new inside TMS Media Studio 2023

Gallery Systems expanded on TMS Media Studio’s functionality with several additions and enhancements, including:

Web-based media importer

The Media Importer is a new web-based application within the DAMS. It supports the batch importing of media files and populates the cataloging information for each file into new Media records.

For reference, the 12 modules in TMS Media Studio are: Bibliography, Crates, Constituents, Events, Exhibitions, Insurance, Projects, Loans, Media, Objects, Shipping, and Sites.

Video and audio previews

Preview audio and video assets directly in TMS Media Studio 2023. Leverage admin settings to control preview duration (in minutes or full length), video resolution (720 or 1080), and CPU allocation to safeguard server capacity.

PowerPoint previews

TMS Media Studio users can now generate previews of PowerPoint files. A preview is created for each slide in the PowerPoint, supporting up to 50 previews per file.

New data entry views

Visually driven and consistent, new data entry views were debuted to further improve the user experience and navigation. Throughout each module, the views make asset details quickly available and offer media preview pop-ups.

Batch update using thesaurus-controlled tags and keywords

Users can now add, update, and delete thesaurus-controlled attribute terms in batches from Media records. This feature will be further expanded in later versions.

How to find out more

For any questions on TMS Media Studio 2023, Gallery Systems clients are invited to contact their Account Manager directly. If you’re not yet a client, please fill in this contact form. A member of the Gallery Systems team will be in touch soon.

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