Can you describe the process for implementing TMS Collections?

Implementing TMS Collections involves a carefully coordinated set of milestones. These include the setup of the new software system, either using Gallery Systems Managed Hosting or with your IT team on your server, migration of your data from EmbARK’s 4D database structure to SQL, training of your team, and any customizations you might need from [...]

Can you describe the process for implementing TMS Collections?2019-06-25T16:59:32-04:00

What is the TMS Suite?

The TMS Suite is an ecosystem of Gallery Systems products designed to support collections management needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. The TMS Suite includes the core collections management functionality of TMS Collections, and integrates that functionality with applications to support web publishing, digital asset management, and conservation. Having native integration with [...]

What is the TMS Suite?2019-06-25T16:20:43-04:00

Will we need to buy new servers?

It's likely that more robust hardware resources will be required. You may need to purchase these or they may be available within your existing IT infrastructure. TMS Collections requires considerably more server resources than EmbARK, depending in part on the size of the database, number of media files, and number of users. At least one [...]

Will we need to buy new servers?2019-06-25T16:54:21-04:00

How long will the data migration to TMS Collections take?

It depends on how large your collection is, and how much data is currently stored in EmbARK. Because each institution’s collection is different, we will review your data to give you a quote for data conversion.

How long will the data migration to TMS Collections take?2019-07-09T09:24:17-04:00

Will my reports work in TMS Collections?

TMS Collections supports Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services. It is provided with a robust set of default Crystal Reports that may be similar to the reports you already use. Customized reports can be rebuilt during the migration project. Gallery Systems is available to help with this as part of the TMS Collections implementation [...]

Will my reports work in TMS Collections?2019-06-25T17:05:19-04:00

Is there a cost for moving to eMuseum?

eMuseum is offered to EmbARK Web Kiosk clients as a free upgrade under annual maintenance, which provides several thousand dollars in savings. You should budget for 5 days of standard look and feel customization services at our daily rate of $1900 per day. We will apply a 25% discount to our day rate, for a [...]

Is there a cost for moving to eMuseum?2018-02-22T07:18:22-05:00
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