We’re pleased to announce that the latest release of eMuseum is now available to current and new users. The new eMuseum is designed to upgrade your online collection with ease. For both new and experienced users, the eMuseum platform is built to give your team and audience everything they need in a simple and easy-to-use package. The best part? The new features come directly from users like you.

Alex Hoffman, eMuseum Product manager, explains, “Many of the new additions to eMuseum come from the community of users themselves! Between releases, we implement a few hundred customizations to the core product for clients, and when something is requested more than once it stands out as something that would be useful for a larger group of eMuseum users.” By providing dedicated support for the unique collections and websites of eMuseum users, the eMuseum team identified users’ favorite customizations, then tested and fine-tuned them for implementation into the new release.

Preview the new eMuseum online gallery

This includes eMuseum’s newest features, which are designed to create online collections that build on the foundation of your current website and provide an even more seamless integration for your gallery, giving your audience a smooth transition between your online collection and full website without the hassle of complicated coding. eMuseum also supports your team with new features that help them gain access to the exact media they need, while filtering out the media they don’t. With these permissions settings, admins can grant access to specific media derivatives, as well as the ability to download files when needed.

Your team can download media they need in a snap

Plus, it’s easier than ever to manage data and media exchange between TMS and eMuseum with eMuseum’s new companion app—Prism. Prism helps admins to configure the criteria for data published in eMuseum, and keeps it in sync with TMS and TMS Collections, making managing the publication of your data effortless.