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Discover the latest in collections care and museum news on the Gallery Systems blog, from interviews with industry professionals to tips and tricks for maximizing your collections management workflows. Find articles most useful to you by browsing your role, or navigate through the archives for case studies, conversations with clients, grants guides, and more resources.

Museum Grants and Funding Opportunities for 2019

Grants Guides for the USA, UK, and Europe
As 2019 rolls around, the start of the new year brings new museum grants and funding opportunities. You have a list of great ideas and projects that you’ve been thinking about executing, and now is the best time to figure out how to accomplish those goals. Sifting through grants takes time [...]

SQL for TMS Training: Hands-on Skills to Enhance and Advance TMS Knowledge

Q&A with Workshop Leader, Brian Jennings
Gallery Systems is gearing up for another round of training sessions that focus on the skills you need to build the best strategy for your collections care. In January, Gallery Systems will offer several hands-on TMS Training courses, including a one-day course to acquire proficiency in SQL [...]

Resources for Small Museums

Overcoming the Challenges Faced by Smaller Institutions
Small museums and collections have the power to make huge impacts on their community, both inside and outside of the galleries. Museum collections, large and small, pack a powerful punch, while relying on a set of collections management standards to maintain collections objects and protecting works to share with a larger community [...]

When Digital Isn’t Just a Department

Four Museums with Inspiring Digital Strategies Examples
All museums have three tenets that bind them together: 1) museums acquire and preserve objects ethically, 2) museums advance the knowledge of cultures through studying those objects, and 3) museums share that knowledge and their objects with their public. These three tenets bind the museum community at large and can be found within [...]

Implementing a Digital Strategy Integration with an Already Existing Strategy

How to Broaden Your Museum's Online Presence
Museums are embracing the digital age by developing digital strategy integrations to meet audience members where they already are. From Facebook to online galleries, museums are putting their content online and in front of audiences so they can engage on a deeper level [...]

Creating a Digital Strategy for Your Institution

Connecting with Your Museum Visitors Online
As museums move further into the age of digital, museum visitors have a stronger expectation to engage with institutions and their collections through digital portals. Museum Professionals are developing and strengthening their outreach through experimentation, and recording their findings in their digital strategies [...]

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