TMS Conservation Studio Now Available

Gallery Systems is pleased to announce the release of TMS Conservation Studio, a web-based tool that supports conservators by providing a workspace where all conservation object and project information is consolidated, linked, streamlined and managed.

“Conservation Studio is the culmination of six years of work and collaboration with conservators from around the world,” explains Jay Hoffman, CEO of Gallery Systems. “We wanted to understand the data management requirements and aspirations of the conservation community. Our goal was to give conservators the tools to more efficiently manage projects, workflow, and conservation processes.”

With Conservation Studio, conservators can manage treatment notes, surveys, activity reports, object status and location, related emails, and high-resolution images in one secure location. The suite also includes a powerful image annotation utility. Conservation Studio seamlessly integrates with Gallery Systems’ The Museum System (TMS), linking related collection and exhibition management information.

“With all conservation information in one place and accessible to all stakeholders, Conservation Studio creates an environment for the collection of high-quality conservation records and promotes essential collaboration between conservators, exhibition staff, curators, registrars, borrowing venues, and others,” says Hoffman.

Conservation Studio is browser based, giving users the ability to securely access their information from anywhere.


About the Author:

Sheena Archer is the Director of Marketing at Gallery Systems and has over 10 years of experience in Marketing and Communications for technology companies. Sheena holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a diploma in graphic design. When she’s not building marketing plans, designing websites or interviewing clients, you can find her growing vegetables, walking the world’s cutest dog or attempting to turn herself into a human yoga pretzel.