We’re excited about the upcoming release of our newest software product, Conservation Studio, an easy-to-navigate web-based tool designed to support conservation work. Developed in collaboration with conservators from around the world, Conservation Studio streamlines and organizes conservation processes in one central, secure place. Conservators can manage media, conservation reports, research, publications, notes, and other collection data, easily and effectively. This pre-release video provides a sneak peek at what’s to come.


Video Transcript

TMS Conservation Studio is a web-based application that organizes and supports all of your museum’s conservation activities in one convenient place. It was developed for Conservators, by Conservators—so it works the way you do. Conservation Studio features fully configurable forms, fields and reports to manage the requirements of your conservation specialty.

Conservation Studio integrates seamlessly with TMS, which means that all collection information in TMS can be accessed in Conservation Studio. With Conservation Studio, your data is always current and consistent, and you can quickly search, update and share your information, without wasting time on redundant data entry.

You can link everything from projects, research citations, related images, exhibition records, and more, under one conservation record. From that central point, it’s easy to branch out and view the full scope of your conservation work and to manage key information, such as detailed conservation reports, media records, multi-object surveys, and environmental requirements.

Conservation Studio includes a powerful image annotation function that lets you highlight and mark up conservation images via an annotation overlay; your original media remain unaltered. Image markup is fully searchable; for example, you can find all paintings treated in the last month that have flaking highlighted on their related treatment images.

With Conversation Studio’s robust and powerful searching and reporting tools, you’ll be able to effectively manage your workflow, research, and notes to work more efficiently. With all conservation information stored in one place and easily accessible, collaboration with other conservators, departments and staff members will improve.

Since Conservation Studio is browser-based, you can access and update your work whether you’re in your own lab, on another floor, or on the road. Simply log in, review your tasks and assignments or select one of the projects displayed on your personal dashboard.