NEW YORK CITY, March 12, 2020 – Launching Collections Management into the New Decade

Gallery Systems is proud to announce the release of TMS Collections 2020, its scalable, user-friendly, and powerful web-based collections management software designed to help museums streamline processes.

TMS Collections 2020 is a pivotal launch to mark the new decade. Created with input from TMS clients and museum professionals, the latest release of this state-of-the-art collections management software is filled with exciting new features, expands on existing functionality, and debuts new modules and built-in capabilities to support object documentation, collections care, loan shipments, and much more.

“TMS Collections 2020 aims to deliver exactly what our clients need and have asked for,” said Jay Hoffman, CEO of Gallery Systems. “This secure collections management system is intuitive, configurable, and designed to keep up with fast-paced, multifaceted museum workflows. We’re excited to be unveiling such a powerful, user-conscious product for our clients.”

Museum professionals never slow down, and neither does Gallery Systems’ software. Configurable, scalable, and intuitive, TMS Collections 2020 keeps pace with museums from all over the world by streamlining daily tasks. This secure web-based CMS allows users to access information from any platform, including tablets connected to the Internet, from anywhere in the museum or while away on assignment. It’s built on the underlying data schema of the TMS Suite, allowing for real-time synchronization of data updates throughout museum departments.

TMS Collections 2020 can be used on its own or combined with other TMS Suite products to support every aspect of collection management and facilitate online collection website publishing, digital asset management, and conservation documentation.

TMS Collections 2020 | Data-Entry View | Gallery Systems

Objects Fine Art Data Entry View with Package Management

What’s New Inside

Gallery Systems incorporated several additions and enhancements to expand TMS Collections’ functionality, including:

  • New Modules
  • Three modules were added to the existing TMS Collections roster of Objects, Media, Exhibitions, Loans, Bibliography, Constituents, and Sites:
    • Insurance – Maintain detailed records on collection insurance policies, including coverage dates, policy numbers, and terms and limitations.
    • Shipping – Manage shipments to borrowers and from lenders by organizing objects into crates and entering conveyance sequences, crates lists, and valuation data.
    • Events – Document events related to the acquisition of collection objects, or organize media from internal events, such as exhibition openings, lectures, and performances.
    • Crates – This much-requested module will be available shortly and will expand on the functionality offered by Shipping.
  • Video Hosting
    • Small video and sound files can now be uploaded and played directly in TMS Collections. Streaming content from YouTube, Vimeo, or other hosting websites is also supported.
  • Enhanced Accessibility
    • This release also adds more accessibility features for users with accessibility challenges, including keyboard navigation with high-contrast graphics, as well as custom image alt tags compatible with screen readers.

TMS Collections manages comprehensive, multi-layered information on any collection type, and these new features help to track the internal movements, loans management and shipping, acquisitions, and insurance policies of any kind of object. To safeguard external shipments, added modules ensure that crates are organized and can be shipped across the globe. Workflow is simplified by a custom, multilingual dashboard with extended media capabilities and wide-reaching accessibility, so every user can see what they need. TMS Collections also adheres to international standards in the cataloguing, management, and interchange of collections data.

TMS Collections 2020 | New Modules | Gallery Systems

List of modules available in TMS Collections 2020

How to Find Out More

For any TMS Collections 2020 questions, current TMS and EmbARK users are invited to contact their Account Manager directly. If you’re not yet a Gallery Systems client, please fill in this query form, one of our museum software experts will be in touch promptly.

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Gallery Systems has been developing collections management solutions for the finest cultural institutions throughout the world for nearly 40 years. The Gallery Systems team is dedicated to helping clients constantly improve the way they manage and share their collections with their communities. The company is a Collections Trust Spectrum Partner and its software is fully standards compliant. Gallery Systems, headquartered in New York, has offices and partners in California, Germany, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece and Argentina. For more information on Gallery Systems and its museum software and services, visit Follow Gallery Systems on LinkedIn and YouTube.

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