The Latest in Collections Management Software Has Arrived

Manage your collection online with the next generation of the world’s leading collections management software, TMS.

TMS Collections is the browser-based solution your team is looking for, that provides you with an easy and flexible way to manage your collection, from anywhere. Watch this video to learn more about this innovative collections management software.

Video Transcript

TMS Collections is a powerful system for museums that want to work smarter. It’s web-based collections management that fully supports your objects, media, and tasks, so it works the way you do.

Plan and prioritize your daily workflows with TMS Collection’s flexible dashboard, where you can see your important projects, searches, and alerts as soon as you login.

Tailor the way your records are organized so you can link your exhibitions, loans, photography projects, or any other activity. Share the details with colleagues for clearer communication.

Save time and improve consistency with batch updating and a powerful thesaurus manager for standardized terminology.

Do away with data scavenger hunts. With TMS Collections, you interact with your data visually, and your information isn’t hidden under a confusing maze of tabs and folders.

Customize fields and pages into role-based views that display information intelligently, so staff stay focused on the details that matter to them. Registrars, curators, art handlers, volunteers: each person on your team can access exactly the information they need.

Work fluidly with productivity enhancing features like the Working List that lets you organize, report, and share on the go.

TMS Collections is multilingual and designed to be user-friendly, so your team can get started with minimal training.

TMS Collections travels with you. As long as you have access to a web browser, your collections information is just a click away—whether you’re in a gallery or across the world.

Contact us today to find out how TMS Collections can help you centralize your collections care and improve collaboration.

Looking for a new Collections Management System?

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